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Delta Expedition Lock Box FAQ 07-17-2014 until 12-31-2099
Q: When will the Delta Expedition Lock Box be available?
A: The Delta Expedition Lock Box will appear around 10:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, July 17th. Actual times may vary by a few hours depending on maintenance schedules.

Q: How can I acquire a Delta Expedition Lock Box?
A: The easiest way is to simply play the game. The Lock Boxes are dropping as loot in both ground and space game play. Another way to get them is from the in-game auction house or by trading with other players. Finally, they can be found in the Dilithium Store for purchase using Refined Dilithium.

Q: Since these are dropping as loot, does this mean I’m missing out on other loot I could be getting?
A: No. Any Lock Boxes that drop as loot are in addition to any other loot that might be dropped. You will get them in addition to other loot, not instead of other loot.

Q: Are there any special places where the boxes drop more or less frequently?
The Lock Boxes have a fixed drop rate that applies to any region where combat may take place. Special events may be announced at a later date that could allow for increased drop rates or offer Lock Boxes as rewards for completing specific content. Lock Boxes do not drop during missions created using The Foundry.

Q: How do I open a Delta Expedition Lock Box?
Right click on the Lock Box in your inventory and select “Use,” or double click.

Q: Why does it say that I need a Master Key?
If you attempt to open a Lock Box and you do not have a Master Key, you will get a message informing you that you need a Master Key. If you have at least one Master Key when you open a Lock Box, it will consume one (and only one) of the Master Keys as part of opening the box.

Q: Where can I get a Master Key?
Master Keys are for sale in the C-Store. You can purchase them for 125 Zen each, or buy a ten pack of keys for 1,125 Zen.

Q: Will existing items on the Lobi Store be removed when this update occurs?
No. The above list of items is only being added to the existing inventory. All items currently on the Lobi Store will still be available when the above list of new items is added, with the exception of any Limited Time items which will expire under their own separate time frames.

Q: Where can I find this store?
The store is located on Drozana Station in the Neutral Zone, and is also accessible remotely from anywhere in the game by double-clicking or by right-clicking a Lobi Crystal in your Inventory and choosing “Use” from the menu.

Q: How will I know how to use the store?
A mission is available that will teach players how to use Lock Boxes, Keys and the new Lobi Crystals. Look for a Ferengi on Earth Spacedock and Qo’noS to get the mission. The mission is also available remotely through the Available tab in the Mission Journal. NOTE: This mission can only be completed once per Account.

Q: Are Lobi Crystals tradeable?
Lobi Crystals are not tradable between players, but they can be traded to other characters on your account via the Account Shared Bank. Additionally, most of the items in the store can be traded after they are purchased. Right-click on an item from the store interface to inspect its details, which will include information on whether or not it can be traded to other players.

Q: Will the Lobi Crystal Store go away after the Delta Expedition Lock Box event ends?
No. The Lobi Crystal Store will always be available as a way to trade your Lobi for special items. However, the items for sale will occasionally be updated.

Q: Will the items in the Lobi Crystal Store always be the same?
No. We will also occasionally offer additional items thru special events and limited-time discounts. Keep your eyes open for promotion announcements!

Q: What are the odds for getting each of the rewards in the Lock Box?
We are not providing exact numbers the prizes contained within the Delta Expedition Lock Box. The average value for a normal Lock Box is around 175 Zen.

Q: What are the specifications for the starships?
Specific statistics and details for any ships becoming available with the Delta Expedition Lock Box are available in this Dev Blog

Q: Does getting any of the Delta Expedition ships unlock them for all of my characters?
No. These starships are special in that each one awarded can be “unpacked” onto only one character. Once unpacked on that character, it stays with that character. You cannot claim this ship for other characters on your account, nor can you reclaim it if you decommission the ship.

Q: Why does this ship work differently from others in the game?
We are using the Lock Box to release starships that normally could not be put into the game or the C-Store because it would not be IP appropriate to have them widely available. Rather than simply not have them in the game, we are using this alternate way to make something special available to the player base.

Q: Are you planning to change other ships to work this way?
No. For normal gameplay ships, we plan to stick with the account-wide unlock approach.

Q: Will these ships go into the C-Store later?
We are not currently planning to put any of these ships into the C-Store for direct sale. They will be available via the Delta Expedition Lock Box, and then no longer be available for some unknown period of time. We may decide to make it available again via a similar method in the future.


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