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What's in a Forum?
Can anyone help me here because I am confused - I expected this forum to be a place where players could come together to work for the good of the game. Discussing, debating, sharing, advising, clarifying, criticising (constructively) – these are all valid reasons to log on and contribute.

Why then are there so many posts from people who have nothing what so ever to contribute? Why are all of the people spreading unhelpful, scathing bile and vitriol through an odd form of trek-tourrette’s repeatedly logging in here to slam the game, its creators and even its players? Honestly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read some of the garbage on this forum.

“Cryptic aren’t listening to me” = wake up people, they will be doing everything they can to listen to their customer base, their survival depends on it and no-one will be more acutely aware of this than they. Do you honestly think every time they get a new post they drop tools and focus entirely on your issue or problem? There’s a process, see, and they have to work through it.

“Cryptic should have greater server capacity in place – we warned them the game would be huge!” – This sort of comment can only be coming from those people who have no idea what a viable business model looks like. Yes you have to speculate to accumulate but latest reports suggest that it has cost $15MUSD to bring this game to the point it is at now. They couldn’t possibly plan for and thus absorb the cost (server capacity and support) of more subscribers than they could reasonably expect – its just not good business to take the risk. This game went through hell to get here, and nearly didn’t make it, so think about that.

Then there’s the general spite and angst about in game issues, bugs etc. This is a mmorpg – anyone else remember the laughable launch of WoW? Look where that is now.

I’m not a blind fanboy, I’ve submitted tickets and the odd constructive complaint myself – but I want this game to work – I’ve waited for it – I’ve looked forward to it and I’m impressed with it. There is much to do, but look at the scope of potential this game has, not even Star Wars has the rich history and depth of Trek. We all, apart form the idiots who log in just to be…well, idiots, want the same thing – a great Trek game, so how about we pull together and help make it all it can be.

I had expected better of Trek fans than some of what I read on this forum, but then these people probably aren’t and never were fans. Think on this, if this game fails there will never be another Trek MMORPG or probably never be another good Trek game period (let’s face it most previous Trek games have been appalling). So basically, this is it – the one and only chance you’re going to get to have the game that we’ve longed for… How badly do you want it and are you prepared to help create it?

Cryptic, great job so far – cant wait to travel back in time to the signing of the Khitomer Accord and foiling a sneaky Romulan plot or holding a briefing on the bridge of my own starship for members of my fleet!

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I really agree with you on this. I was really looking forward to a healthy productive community where people would "Discuss" the game in a productive, some might say star trek like, way. but instead we got this place, a forum that reminds me why I stopped using forums years ago. Theres too many people spitting poison one way or the other. if you like the game theres people here to cut you down. if you have some critisism, not matter how productive, theres more people to cut you down for that.

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Originally Posted by wd_harding
What's in a Forum?

PHP and pixie dust.

People aren't real on the internet. They feel entirely protected behind a screen name and keybard, so quite a few will say what they please as it suits their mood. Don't except a forum to be mature.

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Originally Posted by Newtype311 (Post 1890742)
if you have some critisism, not matter how productive, theres more people to cut you down for that.

Unfortunately, there will always be people like that in life. Personally, I just try to speak to people the way I would like to be spoken to, and, on more than one occasion, I've seen some pretty vitriolic posters calm down and become quite reasonable when someone has responded to a caps-laden ragepost in a mature and sensible way.

Ultimately, I think it's up to the moderate, reasonable posters on a forum to lead by example and demonstrate the kind of behaviour that's acceptable, instead of falling to the temptation to flame right back at them ;)

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