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32nd Fleet
The 32nd fleet is a non-profit online gaming group that participates in several games. The fleet is run in a military role play style which gives a structure for order and a chain of command in each game that the fleet has a squad in. Over time the games that the fleet participates in have changed but due to the structure that the fleet as a whole is based upon the fleet itself has remained virtually unaffected by changes incurred throughout its existence.

The 32nd fleet uses star trek based ranks for the entire fleet since the Starfleet Command series of online games is where the fleet was born and would remain until the end of the popular series of RTS space combat games. It is this structure and dedication to duty that the Starfleet games engendered, as well as the emphasis on individual character over gaming skill that Fleet Admiral Pippen espoused as the template for an online gaming group that is unlike most others and is why the 32nd fleet has been in existence for almost a decade now.

Another major item that has separated the 32nd fleet from most other online gaming groups is the fact that we have always been a family friendly online environment where foul language and acting in an inappropriate manner are frowned upon and discouraged at all levels. The fleet has rules and a code of conduct that each member has agreed to follow and uphold. This is what helps foster and maintain the order and family friendly environment that we continue to enjoy while playing the online games that we love.

We have been together for 10 years with many of the same faces from SFC 1/SL days. We also have many new faces who have never played an MMO before STO. Please join us and be a part of something larger than the current game, be a part of our family!

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The 32nd fleet is currently recruiting members for the following squads...



Romulan (coming soon!)

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Originally Posted by s32ndDamian (Post 1893423)
The 32nd fleet is currently recruiting members for the following squads...



Romulan (coming soon!)

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out our website.
Fill out an application if you are interested or get back with us via PM or look for a fleet member in game.
Search @32nd or @s32nd
We have a private Ventrillo server as well with dedicated rooms for each game/squad.

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bump :D ____________

s32ndfleet1tiris 12-30-2012 02:13 PM

s32nd G8th CPT Tiris reporting in
o7 (S) All

it has been a long time but i used to play back in SFC 2 and 3 days is their a way i can get back into the game i play eve online and have established a corp "shadows of the 32nd Fleet"

s32nd G8th Cpt Tiris

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