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hunterkiller64 01-31-2014 07:53 AM

t5 romuan cant be compleated
on the romulan mission the power source the ;ast geological instability cant be found or scanned is this justy me or does any1 else get this problem...

thegalaxy31 01-31-2014 09:43 AM

It's sometimes hard to find all of them, go back through the mission, many of the geological anomalies are above you.

drowrulesupreme 01-31-2014 10:21 AM

The last geographical instability is just past the doorway/archway into the final chamber. It is on the left hand side and is easily doable with just a little character movement. Puzzled me the first time but it really is easy. Just move your character around 'til the interact box appears.

futurepastnow 02-01-2014 06:24 AM

You may have to jump up onto the railing to scan the last one. Its interact distance is pretty short.

daqhegh 02-09-2014 05:07 PM

Look for the tiny almost invisible green dashed circles on your map.

They're EASY to miss. This has been an issue since Cloaked Intentions was released.

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