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Archived Post 02-03-2010 09:00 AM

water vanishes and re-appears
Yesterday I fought a fairly intense ground battle with the Gorn in a swamp. Well it was a swamp sometimes. Othertimes it was a sandy desert with strange plants. The water that was suppose to be present appeared and vanished throughout the fight. It was mostly not present.

I have not had any other graphical glitches with the game. It runs smoothly on my machine. I am using a GeForce 8800GT.

Archived Post 02-03-2010 10:42 AM

That ones a little weird. Do you have the latest drivers for your GPU?

Also on the launcher, click options and force verify, then OK. This will check all your game files for any corruptions. That way, you can rule out if it's your system or the game.

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