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Things I Wish I Knew...
I've seen a thread like this in some other games I've played in the past, and they can be rather handy to relate information that, for whatever reason, isn't documented or obvious. So, feel free to post things that you've found in game that have helped make your life just a bit easier.

(And please, let's try to keep this civil and productive. I'd like to see this as a resource for new people entering the game.)

So, to start off:

- Hitting Shift-R, as we know, will engage Full Impulse if it's available (it's not in certain areas or in combat.) But, just tapping R will, depending on your current engine setting, either command Full Stop or max throttle.

- You can use the F key to initiate conversations and pick up items. However, you can continue tapping the F key to step through that conversation or the take dialogs.

- You can easily navigate to systems, clusters or Sector Blocks using the in-game map. One way to do this is to open the map using M, click the System List tab, find your system/cluster/Sector Block and double click on it. You can also use the Area Map to do this. Just find your destination and single click on it's "icon". (Circle for systems, arrows for clusters/sector blocks.)

- You don't need to return to the Mission NPC to complete a mission. Just click on the Starfleet emblem on the compass rose mini-map to hail them and complete the mission.

- You also don't need to return to Starbase to unload inventory. Just press I to open your inventory, click on the Replicator button, and sell your unwanted goods. (Caveat - You will receive a lesser price for selling items this way.)

- There are ships wandering each sector that will act as merchants for certain goods. Just move close and hit F to open their vendor screens. Cargo ships have commodities available (pricing varies) and are good for this Aid Planet missions in the Exploration Clusters. Ferengi ships carry different weapons than you can find in other places.

- There can be some problems actually sitting in chairs (most notably, the Captain's seat on the bridge.) To properly sit in one, stand on the seat area and move slightly. When your feet make contact with the seat (not hovering above it) turn and face outward, then execute the proper Sit emote. Examples: Captain's Chair - /em sitcaptain. Risa lounge chairs - /em sitlounge.

- This falls more into the realm of role-playing, but still good to know information. The ranks in the game are (from lowest rank to highest) Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Admiral. If a player doesn't have their rank title on and have taken the time to change their rank insignia, you can identify them and address them "properly". :)

Rank - Mode of Address - Pip Sequence
  1. Ensign - Ensign - 1 bright pip
  2. Lieutenant, Junior Grade (JG) - Lieutenant - 1 dark pip, 1 bright pip
  3. Lieutenant - Lieutenant - 2 bright pips
  4. Lieutenant Commander - Commander - 1 dark pip, 2 bright pips
  5. Commander - Commander - 3 bright pips
  6. Captain - Captain - 4 bright pips
  7. Rear Admiral, Lower Half - Admiral - 5 bright pips or 1 bright pip enclosed in a gold square

(Other admiral ranks would probably include Rear Admiral, upper half, Vice-Admiral, and Admiral AKA Full Admiral)

There is also a convention in Starfleet (as in the US Navy) to use the rank of Commodore. This is usually a Captain that's been placed in a Flag Rank position, but hasn't been actually promoted to Flag rank.

- There are currently a number of locations mentioned in the Star Trek universe that can be visited (more are coming). Right now, these are:
  1. Vulcan
  2. Andoria (I believe this is a consensual PVP area for Starfleet officers. Not certain.)
  3. Risa - The renowned vacation planet for the Federation.
  4. Space Station K-7 - From TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" and DS9 "Trials and Tribbleations"
  5. Deep Space 9 - From the series, complete with the wormhole, and Quark's.
  6. Memory Alpha - The library planet, also home to the "crafting system" in-game.

- And lastly, if you're looking for Commander Sulu and haven't been paying attention to your surroundings, you can find him in Admiral Quinn's office directly across the room from the Admiral. (Couldn't help not putting that in there. :) )

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Originally Posted by dragon47
- And lastly, if you're looking for Commander Sulu and haven't been paying attention to your surroundings, you can find him in Admiral Quinn's office directly across the room from the Admiral. (Couldn't help not putting that in there. :) )


If I hear one more person in Spacedock, "Where is Sulu?" I'll snap!! :D

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I understand what you said about pressing "M" and bringing up the map but when I go to clieck on system list it is greyed out and I can not click on it. I just arrived at star dock after the begining tutorial in the game. Is there something I need to do first before I am allowed to access other systems? Like install a warp drive or something?


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Good info, it was helpfull for me. Thanks for posting!

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You need to warp to sector space. That will be the button on the right hand side. Once you are on the sector map you and use the auto-pilot.

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on the right hand side of the controls on top of the screen??

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I knew this one but it seams a lot of people don't....

All mission information can be obtained by actually READING the mission log!!

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Nice stuff, OP.

I'd like to add that selling things to the replicator at the bottom of your inventory typically gives about 80% of the total credits you'd get had you sold the item to a vendor.
But, did you know that in ground missions, and in certain non combat situations, you can use your replicator to get food, hypo sprays, shield recharge equipment and much more?

Go ahead and click it to see.

This is invaluable for tough ground missions where provisions for your team are scarce. All or most items through the replicator are 20 energy credits.

Edit: 03/14/10: You can no longer access your replicator to replicate items outside of your ship.

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Originally Posted by Expertimp
on the right hand side of the controls on top of the screen??

You can click either on the "Warp to sector space" button that should be near the bottom-right corner of the screen, or the button on the top-left corner of the minimap that has a spiral galaxy icon on it.

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ok Thanks Ill try that to see if it works.

Also another question I had was after you get your uss enterpirse class ship from the c-store does it appear in the ship select guys thing as a ship with a odd name? Becuase I check it lastnight and didn't see a ship called uss enterprise in there with my ship but another one. I didn't get time to try it though and see if it was the enterpise just called something else though...

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