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The Armada Fleet - 150+ fleet members and growing!
Are you looking for a fleet to join with a community of more than 150+ members actively playing Star Trek Online?

Are you needing help or want to meet new friends from around the globe?

Want to take advantage of the latest VOIP technology with other fleet memebers?

Are you having troubles with your PC or want to upgrade your existing machine to maximize your Star Trek Online Experience.

The Armada is now over 150+ fleet members that range from around the globe. The Armada is now recruiting new players to Star Trek Online that would like to take their casual subscription to the next level. The Armada only asks that you give back to the community as the community would for you. Actively participating in events, contests, running episodes and fleet actions with fleet members of The Armada. It's all about having fun, meeting new friends and sharing your stories and experiencing those stories with others in Star Trek Online.

The Armada is just passing 200+ members and we will be closing our doors for open invites to the fleet. The only way after to join The Armada is by referral after that closing date.

Act fast and swift and be part of one of the largest fleets available in Star Trek Online.
If you are interested in joining The Armada; you can reply to this thread with your name@name and wait for an invite or visit our official forums to submit an application.

For more information on The Armada, events and news, visit:


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