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Archived Post 02-03-2010 01:40 PM

Ground/Space Skillpoints... any Ballance here?
I'm just thinking...

this game is basically split into two major parts, Ground and Space.
So why is it that we can spent all the skillpoints we get freely into only one of them?

Most People will just hammer every point they get into Space and ignore Ground as long as possible (it's not like the Away Missions would be hard with bad skills and even if so, you can just respawn as often as you want without any penalty).

In the long run you may have one Char that is maxed out for Space and another that is maxed for Ground-PvP. (yeah sure if i would go through that Miranda hassle a third time because of Ground skills!?)
....uhmm ok i will probably never want to waste a Charslot on a Ground Char anyway.

Split those Skillpoints into proper Ground- and Space-Skilltrees (yes TREEs, not random Boxes, think Diablo 2!) and you will only need one charslot to have a decent Space AND Ground char.

I guess most people will not care about Ground PvP because we all care about our Ships most and Ground-PvP will suffer badly because of this... only to end up to be some casual shooting fest without any people realy specialising in it... and the few who against all odd's still specialise in Ground PvP will be bored to death by all the casual Space Captains without properly thought out Skills.

Pleas Cryptic rethink this System!

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