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Archived Post 02-03-2010 03:04 PM

Command line codes?
I'm curious if anyone has started compiling command line codes for STO yet.

I know /PowerHue is about to be pulled by the Devs (announced here on the boards), and I know some other basic ones work well enough (/bind, /alias).

What I'm looking for is a starting point for the ones that currently work, or even a primer on how to go about finding them.

For now, I'm scouring CO forums and Wiki for their primers.

The two I'd really love to find are any / command for turning on or off the "ask me before changing instance" feature we used to have as a checkbox, and in addition, a way for me to type a / command for the name of a star system... (something like "/[navigateCommand] vulcan")

Archived Post 02-03-2010 03:24 PM

STO has the same engine like Champions Online, so many CO commands are working too in STO

Here is a list of CO commands:

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