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Absorption vs bleedthrough
Can someone please give me a run down on the stats on shields. Specifically the differences in bleedthrough and absorption. Is it really just as simple as the percentage let through (bleedthrough) and the percent completely dis-regarded?

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Originally Posted by shudon (Post 1907363)
Can someone please give me a run down on the stats on shields. Specifically the differences in bleedthrough and absorption. Is it really just as simple as the percentage let through (bleedthrough) and the percent completely dis-regarded?

Shields will absorb up to the listed amount per-facing (I do believe - don't quote me on that one), except for an amount determined by their Bleedthrough value (which goes directly to your hull).

For example - if a shield has 2,000 Absorbtion and 10% bleedthrough, it will absorb 2,000 damage at that particular facing. If you take an attack that deals 200 damage to your Forward shield, 20 of that will go straight through to your hull and 180 of it will be absorbed by the shield (leaving you with 1,820 left to absorb). Since it's above half-power from that shot, if you take no further damage, you will regenerate the value also listed on the shield (let's say 60) in the next regeneration cycle.

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It works like this.

90% of an attack is done to shields and, if you're not using resilient, 10% against hull. If you are using Resilent, 90% against shields, and 5% against hull. The other %5 disappears. Also, if any abilities or weapons are used to increase shield penetration, then the amount done to shields is reduced and the amount against hull is increased. Say an attack has 50% bleed through. It's only going to do half damage to shields.

Regardless of the weapon used though, Reslient shields will always make 5% of an attack disappear. Although, it won't work if the shields are down or if the shields are the only thing being attacked. Certain abilities and weapons do extra against shields and nothing to hull.

In addition, bleed through damage ignores shield resists and only accounts for hull resists.

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whats the bleedthrough on torpedoes?

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Originally Posted by johnnymo0829 (Post 1908092)
whats the bleedthrough on torpedoes?

10%. Keep in mind though that while you will do more bleed through damage per hit, torps have lower dps than energy weapons in general. In terms of bleed through and overall dps, a beam array running at 100% power will out do a photon torpedo launcher, unless there's extreme fall-off reduction and even then they'd run about even.

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I've played with both, and have found that resilient shields aren't generally worth it compared to increased regen or higher strength shields.

In most situations, the bleed-through damage is repaired nearly as quickly as it occurs, as long as your shields are still up. If you're taking enough damage that the bleed-through is becoming a problem, you are taking so much damage that your primary concern is keeping those shields up at any cost, and a thicker or faster regenerating shield is your best bet at that point.

Maybe it's different as an escort, but I noticed a huge increase in survivability once I switched from a absorbtion shield to either a significantly thicker shield, or a faster regenerating one (did both, and in both cases, I could easily survive substantially more aggro).

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I think Resilent Shields would only really be good in a situation where absurb amounts of damage was being tossed around. Maybe like 40+ ships beating down on you. There are plenty of support abilities that buff up shields, but I think that only engineering team will boost an ally's hull. With enough ships focusing you, even if with 100% shield resists across the board, you will die from bleed through.

P.S. What I'd like to know is if Reverse Polarity still takes bleed through damage.

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On later Tiers the Damage done to ure hull will not be fast repaired. Especially if u take hits from Boarding Parties and other stuff that can take out ure crew.

The Escorts with low Crews got a problem then. Cruisers with hundreds of Crewman dont think about it.

All regards to ure ship and fore most....ure playstyle ;)

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Generally speaking, I find reslient shields to be helpful for our lower hull point ships, like science ones. Our sci ships tend to be a little more fragile, and slowing the rate of direct hull dmg that we can then flit away with engineering teams or something. but opinions and approaches vary, mostly depends on how you like to manage alpha strikes. I pop shield regen powers (I usually have 3), or since generally that uncloaking klingon is about to alpha dump on you, placating him as he begins his sequence can throw it off long enough to pound it away.

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Is bleed-through a good thing if you're a cruiser?
Is bleed-through a good thing if you're a cruiser? (T5, AC)

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