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A short story
"This was a short story I entered into a contest in the form of a personal log, it got some positive feedback so I thought some people here might take to it, enjoy!"

Perception, today I changed my definition of the word. Starfleet has a long history with the Klingon Empire, most of which is rife with disdain and contempt. Until the last few years we had known a shaky peace, but still most officers and civilians you asked would talk for quite some time, if given the chance, about barbarous Klingons and how they were little better than animals. Now that our accord is gone and war rages, showing anything other than contempt towards Klingons is enough to get you into a fight most places. Yesterday, Id of thrown the first punch.

This morning I was awoken by one of my senior officers, a distress call had been received, from a fleet of Klingon ships. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, what could make a Klingon, let alone a fleet of Klingons, send a distress call to a Federation Ship? A trick seemed unlikely, and un-Klingon. Whatever it was, it was bad enough that the Klingons had been willing to ask us for help. I informed the ensign to set a course and engage as I made my way to the bridge.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived unto a scene the likes of which I have never seen, and hope to never again. One Borg cube, six Klingon Birds of Prey, and two Klingon transport ships. The remains of maybe as many as three other Birds of Prey could be seen. The Klingon fleet Admiral immediately hailed me as we arrived, asking us to take the crew and passengers from the two transport ships, whose engines had been disabled by the Borg, to a safe spot where he would inform the Klingon High Command we could be contacted to negotiate their release at a later date.

Scanning the transport vessels my science officer informed me that they contained just under a thousand people combined, my ship, an Excalibur Class was just able to handle this load. I informed the Klingon Admiral that I agreed to his proposal; my agreement was swiftly followed by the explosion of another of the Birds of Prey, punctuating a need for haste. As the view screen cut off we began transporting the passengers over, a process which would take around five minutes, I asked my science officer to scan the Borg cube and the Klingon Fleet, to see what condition everyone was in. She reported that the cube had sustained minimal damage to its outer hull with no power fluctuations, the Klingons on the other hand had only five ships remaining, two of which were fighting warp core breaches and only one of which still had active shields.

What were they going to do? At the rate the fight was going the Klingons would be gone in less than five minutes, leaving us heavily out armed and with only a portion of the passengers onboard. I began calculating exactly when I would have to leave in order to guarantee an escape and how many passengers we would have to abandon.

As I worried I noticed a curious thing on the view screen, the Klingon ships were positioning themselves around the Borg cube, one on each side of it, or at least five sides of it. Curious as to their plan I watched, and waited. To my utmost horror I saw five sets of impulse engines engage at the same time, five ships flying towards the Borg Cube, five crews, and five Captains, five explosions. My Bridge quieted for a moment.
Still stunned, I asked my science officer to scan the status of the Borg cube, after a moment she tore her eyes from the view screen and reported that while not completely destroyed the Borg cube had suffered considerable damage, its weapons and engines were off line.

Yesterday Id have struck down a fellow man, if hed dared talk about the honor of Klingons. Today I watched a Klingon Admiral talk to me as an equal, never offering a disparaging remark or sly comment about the weakness of humans. Today I watched that same Admiral order his men to commit suicide to give his people and my ship a chance to escape. Today I learned the definition of perception. Oh Id known the definition before, but today, I learned it.

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