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Kahless Expanse Griefing
Realizing that STO will never favor Klingon play I have returned to Fed play.

The other day I was in queue for some FvK ship pvp and so I'm in a pvp match and we are having a bunch of fun ambush and solo fights until the Klingons realize they are down and the score is 8 to 4. Then for the next 20 minutes the Klingons all went into the Kahless Expanse within 3km of each other, turn on auto fire, and spam mines so none of the Feds have a chance of pvping rolling up a Klingon. It's total griefing the Klingons can just sit there in the Kahless Expanse with autofire on and it's a free I Win button for them.

I thank you for your time.


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@mcl: Your failure of a post doesn't even deserve the picard facepalm. Try being witty or something next time that involves creativity rather than blatantly trolling.

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