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bron 02-13-2014 02:10 AM

Reman female Nemesis hood issue: Just me?
All my characters have gotten Veril in the early missions, and since I hate bald females of any kind I put her in the Nemesis outfit. And all my characters have run into the same issue: Whenever I try to change the color of the hood, a part of the outfit that's in the Chest category becomes the same color. And vice versa, where changing the color of that part changes the hood color. It's the part of the shoulders/choker that's dark colored by default, the lines between the raised portion. I want to leave those dark and change the hood color to be the color of an Engineer since I tend to color code my BOFFs and characters, but whenever I do that it changes a color of an area of the shoulder/choker.

I don't have this issue on my Lib Borg Reman male BOFF. I can change the color of the hood independently from the lowered portion of the shoulders/choker, so it seems to be limited to females, or at least works properly on the Lib Borg Reman since he's a different species as far as the game code is concerned.

Anybody else have this bug, or is it like the misplaced waypoint for the portal in SFA that sends me back to Command that a person claimed was a bad patch in my client, might be resolved by a driver update, or even to defrag my computer? I know the portal is in the middle, but the waypoint appears next to Meyers.

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