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FEDX *******Recruiting*********
Welcome to Federation-X! We have a core group of individuals whose sole purpose is to create a care-free environment, to forget about real life hassles and immerse ourselves into a world of entertainment and enjoyment. We were originally founded 11 years ago for Starfleet Command, but our group of "Elders" have continued forth into a variety of games.

Sfc , SFC2 , SFCOP , SFC3 , Legacy ,L2 , SWG , WOW , Conan , **** , COD , well heck all the COD's lol , are just a few of the game's FEDX has been. The list is to long to keep going.

We use teamspeak 3 an there is always some 1 on no matter the time day or night because we have people in the fleet from all around the world. If you are looking for fun times and a bit of humor, then drop in and give us a try!

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FedX is a great Fleet to join. They have a lot of new members and a good group of Elders.

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