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Archived Post 02-04-2010 12:12 PM

Emergency Report from Lt.Com. Sarnokh to Starfleet
Field Report 020410
Lt.Com. Sarnokh
USS Ultima

Sirs and Ladies of Starfleet Command,

I write to you this report with the utmost urgency, as my science staff has estimated that the current efforts to establish a new Starfleet foothold are in grave danger to fail.

Now while sure the new volunteer program which allows volunteers to enter a Starfleet command in short time has for now had great success, the long term value seems to me in great jeopardy due to the overall technical difficulties of the Starfleet material. Saying it is 3rd rate seems at this time like even being to generous.

One issue I must highlight is, that the entire systems of the newly handed out Starships must be of quite inferior design. Regular hour long, ship-wide shutdowns are still the most pressing issue. Often when I tried to enter or exit a star system, the ships computer shuts down and the engeneering crew takes hours to restart the systems.

Another pressing issue seems to be that we are vastly overpowered by the ground forces of the Klingon Empire. I have compared the firepower of our hand phasors to visual archives, and I don't know from what Ferengi trader you bought these stuff, but it is clear that in the days of Picard and Kirk, Federation phasors were able to gun down a Klingon with one or two shots, whereas today even an entire group of Officers take over a dozen shots to disable one enemy, and elite forces of them are even able to cross vast distances of over 200 meters with nothing but a hand blade (!) even when half a dozen Starfleet Officer take him under constant fire and that enemy STILL has enough time to cut my Officers down with a simple blade! You can imagine such inferior weaponry has a devastating effect on the crew morale.

Also I must ask you to review you conseling program, because to me it seems like the new Starfleet personell is in an extreme verbal apathy. My Officers share the bare minimum of words with me or each other, no advises, no discussion, and they fall silent whenever the smallest information needed is handed out. It is disheartning to work under such circumstances and I seriously suggest the usage of Councilors to remedy this situation.

I have also heard complaints from fellow Captains that many of these new volunteers are stuck with over 100 year old vessels, like the Miranda Class! And for a precious long time! I am aware that a short preparation to the war of a mere two years was not enough to issue the creation of a big enough fleet and all highest tech, but I seriously warn about the demoralizing feeling such a situation might create.

I understand my word as newly minted Captain of these volunteers, and a Half-Romulan nontheless, has little standing among the high ranking Admirals, but I fear if these and other pressing issues are not resolved in a due time, many Federation citizens may in the long term turn to other powers in the Galaxy instead.

Regards and Joloan Tru,

Lt.Com. Sarnokh
USS Ultima

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