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Ground pvp map
My Lore is great, feel free to help improve the idea.

Operation R&R-Unknown System

Background Summary goes here:
Combination Capture the flag, kill the man with the ball, and king of the hill with an alternative win of deathmatch kills.

In 2403, Chancellor JímPak secretly commissioned the construction of a new type of weapon. The location of the construction is known only to the Chancellor himself, and a high ranking pilot who has been secured with the task of transporting those working on the project to itís location. Section 31 and Starfleet have been made aware of the construction of the weapon through a double agent working with the KDF.

Long Range scanners have picked up suspicious activity in the (Wherever sector) and have deduced that it is the location of weapon construction. An elite task force of Starfleet officers (You) Have been dispatched to recover the information. Scans of the planet indicate that three large energy signatures, assumed to be non networked consoles used to further the construction.

Due to Ionic interference, Transporters are temporarily offline, and a shuttle was dispatched to the surface, but was destroyed in a crash landing. Recover the data at all costs. The Klingons have been alerted to our presence and reinforcements are enroute.

The storm will subside in 20-25 minutes.
Feds Steal 3 pieces of information and 3 encryption keys and hold on to it until the storm subsides.
Klingons recover 3 pieces of information and encryption keys and hold onto it until the storm subsides.
Whoever has the most pieces wins.
Alternative win-60 kills.
Each klingon killed drops an encryption key, Either Alpha, Beta or Gamma. Anyone can loot this item. A zone wide message is sent stating who has the item. If they make it to the specific station and install the key, a decryption timer starts. If they die before then, the klingons can ďrecover the codeĒ (itís just destroyed until another klingon dies. Noone knows who has what codes, except for the feds know if they have the code.

Sides start as Klingon controlled, and take 10 seconds to go neutral and 10 to go fed. At any time a federation player can install an encryption key. When federation controlled a player can begin a decryption. When klingon controlled they can stop it. Once the file is decrypted, the Klingons can attempt to recover the information, and the Federation can stop it. Once a file has stopped decrypting, another encryption key must be obtained.

Files take a total of 5 minutes to decrypt and 3 minutes to recover. It takes 10 seconds to start or stop the encryption process.
Whoever has 2/3 pieces of information when the storm subsides, wins.

This could go game wide to make whoever has the best win % of this map during a specified time get access to a special item. The other side would get access to it later.

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What do you guys think? Would you play something like this?

I tried to structure it in a way in which it would require teamwork/objectives, and reduce the usefulness of turtle strategies.

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Bump to try and spark discussion on new maps.

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