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HELP Skillpoint allocation assistance - please read
Ok, this is for Klingons, and I did post there, but to be honest, that forum is full of QQers and the valid questions get missed, so I am posting here too. This is what I posted:

Ok, so here is the thing - I can't figure out what to spend my skillpoints on.

I am currently 54 points awr from Lt Commander and getting my T2 ship. This is great and I'm excited. Problem is, I need to psned 6700 points - I have maxed out all my of my Tactical Space and Ground (most of it I think).

So, what would benefit me most after maxing those skills? I have no interest in any really, but I have to do it. I am going for straight out DPS, little buffing/healing and all that.

Help, suggestions, ideas? I have about 900 or so points to spend (give or take).

I would appreciate some help as I am going to hit Lt Commander tonight.



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How about this?

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Originally Posted by Evalissa (Post 1923594)

That works too, thanks! I keep meaning to try that, just doesn't work at work. Cheers!

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hehe, i included a basic tier 1 layout that you might like.

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