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Vindication is now recruiting
Welcome to Vindication, Captain. We are a new fleet dedicated to two things; the protection of Starfleet and the eradication of the Borg. We were formed in response to the threat that the Borg possess.
If you think you have what it takes to defend the Federation from this menace, as well as others, then Vindication maybe the Fleet your looking for. We are currently looking for recruits of any rank and of any station. Welcome aboard.

(We're looking for casual, laid back and mature players who seek to play in the spirit of the Star Trek canon RP is not a requirement but is always an added bonus.Also looking for players comfortable playing evenings on Eastern standard time. If you interested please contact Fleet Admiral Jer'Hok, Rear Admiral Tayli'xa or Admiral Savena)

Remember! It is up to all of us to safeguard Federation and all of it's citizens from tyranny and assimilation!

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