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Archived Post 02-04-2010 11:34 PM

Suggestion for spam
I have heard spam is best served cooked with a honey-glaze sauce. I have also heard it is quite popular in Hawaii as fried with a nice pineapple-glaze surrounding it along with mashed potatoes.

As for spam from STOGOLD, I know you guys are considering implementing "certain things" to cut down on it, but although it may be a small band-aid against a large wound, could you consider adding a message/forum tool that would automaitically have us ignore any keyword we would choose that is shown on the message topic and quite possibly, inside the message itself?

Such as, I go to my Message folder and pick out a filtering option to ignore all messages titled "stogold"?

A keyword could also be considered within the body of a message, such as typing out the web-addy or just "stogold" or some other keywords.

I would suggest filtering out names without any consinants in them, but since Star Trek has many aliens and alien-like names, this would not be a perfect solution.

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