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rerednaw 02-26-2014 09:27 AM

Thanks for the T'Varo!

ďI LIKE this ship!Ē

I went and splurged and picked up the TíVaro from the C-Store because Iíve always liked the looks of these ever since seeing them on Enterprise.

I am not a hardcore player (took me 4 years to hit the current level cap, though now it seems I can hit it in a week...sheesh) and donít have fancy gear...but even with a few quest rewards the ship is a joy to fly. Itís sleek, nimble, simple lines, and fires that big reddish-orange gumball of fiery plasmatic love. Found out about the danger close the hard way though, LOL.

I find these ships more fun than flying the ďbigger is betterĒ line of Tier4-5 craft. I know it doesnít hold a candle to Shizonís brute-force ship-mower of death but dang thereís something to be said for elegance in simplicity.

Anyone else try these ships and liked them?

Now if there was only some way to keep flying in my TOS warbird :)

I am currently running the TíVaro like a smaller, more agile version of my HaíFeh. Kept a couple cannons up front (the Dual Heavy Caustics from Last Stand and the Hybrid from Smash and Grab), pair of turrets back. For kinetics went with the Breen Rapid Reload Transphasic and the Cluster Torp forward. Currently have a tri-cobolt mine aft, but opponents keep shooting it down so considering switching to something else.

Iím very tempted to go all torp...but Iíve already noticed a trade-off in damage downwards since I spent so much time flying around lining up torpedo shots...did I mention how much I like this ship? My dreams of riding of new shiny Scim has been instead satiated by the simple fun the TíVaro brings.

I noticed there is a fleet version of the TíVaro as well...but Iím not able to splurge for the upgrade. Something to look forward to :)

Anyways Iíve done some searches and there are a ton of threads on speccing the ship and your bridge crew. Is there a ďpoor manís cliff notesĒ version? Iím running a Tac Officer. Heís pretty spread out with no space skill above 6 with a focus on weapons damage/power/accuracy as well as warp core and system efficiencies.

Anyway definitely open for suggestions and changes.
My current ship setup (sorry going by memory, G=Green, W=White):
Fore: Dual Heavy Caustic Plasma(Accx2), D Hvy Hybrid, Breen Rapid Reload Transphasic Torp Launcher, Breen Transphasic Cluster Torp
Aft: Plasma Turret (Acc), Plasma Turret(W), Tricobolt Mine(W)
Deflector: Dyson
Impulse: Dyson
Shield: Dyson

Eng: Neutronium(G), Neutronium(G), EPS Flow Regulator(W)
Sci: Plasma Destabilizer, Field Generator(G)
Tac: Prefire Chamber(G), Prefire Chamber(G), Transphasic Compressor.

On Bridge Officers I have Tovan the Immortal, and Borg one (forget his name) as Tac officers, Satra for Science (Hiven as backup) and a level up Rom Engineer. I did modify their skills a bit while experimenting so they are probably not optimal but seem to work okay so far. I just started the Borg quest line.

Tovan and the Borg are set up roughly:
Tac Team | Rapid Fire | Torp Spread | Atk Pattern Beta
Torp Spread | Scatter Volley | Rapid Fire

Emergency Power to Weapons | Emergency Power to Shields

Polarize Hull | Transfer Shield Strength

? | ? | Gravity Well | Gravity Well

Engineer(generic one from levelling canít recall his name)
Eng Team

I run base power levels at W/S/E/A: 70/40/25/25 unless Iím cloaked then I pump up Aux and drop weapons since I cannot shoot while cloaked. Keep meaning to try the Gravity Well + area torpedo tactic but I keep forgetting.

Iíve read a lot of threads that state (Superior) Romulan Operative is the way to go...I think only Tovan (SRO) and Satra (RO) have those? Also been reading up on Aux to Battery builds...but those make my head spin.

catliketyping 02-26-2014 10:22 AM

Enhanced battle cloak = torpedo build. Pretty much the end of the story ;)

The KDF has similar questions for B'rel versus Hegh'ta. Those who choose the B'rel almost exclusively go torpedo/sci in some combination. Otherwise, you are better off saving the money or spending it elsewhere.

I use the B'rel, myself. It can do things the T'varo cant, and vice versa. They are still very similar ships, though.

3 tactical consoles only... this is a big reason to specialize in torpedos (and mines) for both the B'rel and T'varo. You dont have console slots to toy with suboptimal builds. And transphasics already are low output weapons compared to other torpedo/mine types... so if you insist on energy weapons, at least throw in a quantum or HY plasma when you do strip shields.

Bottom line: you are probably playing at your BOff cap. That is what i got from what you wrote/didnt write. Congrats on a T'varo, but you need to spend more $$$ to get enough BOffs to run a specialized T'varo build in order to truly see the ship shine as it was intended.

Also, the T'varo can throw one grav well 1 with the LtCom universal slot. I dont have my Romulan tac to the point where i can experiment, but giving up a LtCom Tac Boff for GW1 is a tough call. Some builds might call for it, but i would personally avoid it in favor of more attack skills, given what the T'varo' layout is.

noblet 02-26-2014 10:39 AM

Yeah, drop the energy weapons and torp it. Then it will be sexy indeed.:D

cryptiecop 02-26-2014 10:39 AM

I did 2 is an original series "Balance of Terror" build with the T1 ship + the full destabilized plasma torpedo consoles + the TOS outfits, and the other is a T5 torpedo build for higher end content...

Needless to say, both are quite if I can just find that outpost to blow up with the T1 !!!

reginamala78 02-26-2014 12:35 PM

It makes an evil science ship because you can throw out your sci stuff while still under cloak. Its not just torpedoes from nowhere, but gravity wells and viral matricies from nowhere. Why limit it to just a weapons platform? :D

sandormen123 02-26-2014 12:48 PM

Aye! It is an awesome ship.
Good to see other people can see the light!


rmy1081 02-26-2014 01:00 PM

It's one of my favorite ships. I use 3 dhcs and the rom torpedo + the big red torpedo or I use 2 dhcs, proton weapon and grav torpedo. Both work great for me

it's a great versatile ship...there's lots of build options, so don't feel pigeonholed into just torpedoes.
Enhanced battle cloak lets you heal and use science powers while cloaked also, so even all energy builds work well with EBC.

protogoth 02-26-2014 03:05 PM

I'm very fond of my T'varo Retrofit (the R.R.W. LivianaCharvanek), which I have set up as a torpedo boat with the Breen Absolute Zero set and the full T'varo set. It's an awesome little ship whose only real hindrance is the fact of being rather squishy, but skill and tactics help. Hint: when you launch what I call "the BIG RED ROMULAN BALL OF DEATH," hit Evasive Maneuvers and get away fast.

umaeko 02-26-2014 03:16 PM

My T'varo was my first level 50 ship, and I stuck with it on my romulan character pretty much until I caved in and decided to get myself the Ar'kif retrofit.

The T'varo is a wonderful little bird and served me pretty well. In hindsight, the reason why I'm not going back to her now is because she's a bit too overengineered and fragile to do the things I want to do in a Romulan warbird. But yeah, definitely a great ship. :)

akodawindstrider 02-27-2014 05:04 AM

I almost got a T'varo but just like the person above, i got the Arkif, and i actually kinda regret that decision. of course it wouldn't really matter since they are both glass cannons and i want a durable sci ship that can hold shields almost indefinitely.

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