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Any Way to Disable Environment Mapping?
Is there any way to disable the Environment maps, baackground lighting, and or everything to do with space backgrounds? I notice the most optimized systems in the game are the ones with the least amount of background detail. If I could find a way to run with all space as black with no background It would be 100% better in some some of zones.

While for the most part scene detail does not kill my framerate however post process effects in zones with heavy environment mapping and background lighting destroy my framerates with everything even on low settings. Clearly visible in some zones. You zone in and with nothing happening at all the game drops to like 15fps. Then on the other hand you could be in a zone with little to no space backgrounds but huge scene detail and it runs like a champ.

Any tweaks for custom graphics settings not found in the video otpions? If not it would be nice for more video options and scalability. This game is so nice at 40-60fps but it just sucks when you enter a zone like Solar Winds and the framerate just DIES with nothing on screen at all.

PS Earth Space is BLACK not a rainbow nebula with funky colors. Trust me this game would look much better overall if less emphasis was put on the disney nebula colors in ALMOST every system. I mean do I have to mod every zone in the game by hand to get the effects/performance I'm looking for?

This game actually does run quite well when some of the more obtrusive graphic features are off and some features not used in zone design. I would even go as far as to say that if there was more flexibility with the graphics settings users would be able to focus on the sweet spot and keep the ships and combat looking good and moving smoothly without sacraficing too much detail aside from environmental maps and lighting features found in the backgrounds in most zones.

In contrast some zone performance is NIGHT and DAY above others. I even get better performance in most fleet encounters than some single player zones with NOTHING happening at all. I also think some of these issues contribute to the overheating debate. Some zones are just designed poorly and need more scalability or a performance pass to remove offending features that are killing GPU performance in places.

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Upgrade your graphics drivers. 190 series was reccomended for beta only.

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Originally Posted by tedgp123 (Post 1933279)
Upgrade your graphics drivers. 190 series was reccomended for beta only.

Why would you say upgrade my drivers when I have no issues with the drivers themselves? I can render any function the game calls and I haven't ever crashed due to a graphical function. Newer is not always better just a FYI. Unless you are the engine developer for STO and telling me said driver has said improvement when using said function there is ZERO point. Plus asking to disable a graphical function does not require new drivers.

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Because old drivers could have an effect and block/have undesirable effects on any attempts to change settings. Including any possibility of disabling them.

Not to mention they fixed the problems a few patches ago, and now recommend peopel to get the latest version.

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