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Steam Runner ship style/class?
Hey guys, I tried to perform a search, and have yet to see anything definitive on this. I was wondering, because the Steamrunner class of ship is my favorite class; and as just starting without finding anything definitive out from what I have read, have been unable to determine whether we could utilize this ship type or not. Is that possible?

I know that it probably wouldn't be very good in the end game, and I would probably have a Heavy Escort or something similar like that for my main 'Tactician' build, but would just absolutely LOVE to be able to zip around space as a speedy little ship. Is this possible, and if not, if someone might be able to help me create one via the ship creator tool link me the code for it? Thank you very much to whomever provides feedback, and don't flame. Please.

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The tier 3 escorts have a class called Zephyr class that is very, very similar to the Steamrunner... its in the same tier/ category as the Akira and Oslo.

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didn't see it ingame yet but you should get one @ lvl 21 (= Tier 3?) Heavy Escort

-> http://suricatasblog.files.wordpress...tierchart2.png

along with Akira and Norway class

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Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG (Post 1933690)
didn't see it ingame yet but you should get one @ lvl 21 (= Tier 3?) Heavy Escort

-> http://suricatasblog.files.wordpress...tierchart2.png

along with Akira and Norway class

Thanks for the link, I found a similar thing from Suricata's Comparison chart that gave me hope that there might be something similar, but I didn't look back on her page as I thought it was a stand alone page. Not an entire site, since I was linked to the comp. chart from the forums. Greatly appreciated. I just wanted to make sure before I got up in rank.

So when I am Admiral (If I ever get there, currently Lt.3) than I can still fly around in the Oslo/Akira, but would my advanced skills from being higher retroactively affect the ship or would they be wasted? I guess it doesn't really matter as I would be using it for Lore and what not, but was wondering. Than I could always use it and go back to DS9 or something and do some of their missions. :D

Greatly appreciate the assistance, and always looking for more help. Newbie Trekkie in training... only have about 15 years under my belt being 25 years old. So.. yes. Newbie Trekkie.

== EDIT== Just noticed underneath the Akira and Oslo's there is IN FACT a SteamRunner! Awesome! This game just became the BEST MMO I have ever played.. including EQ right after the Moon fell. :cool:

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Passive skills are retroactive (I believe), but your Bridge Officers' abilities are limited by the "rank" of the console at which they're seated. If your t3 escort has only LtCmdr or lower consoles, the best you can get from any of your BOffs is a LtCmdr ability.

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Ah, thank you Gyas. Much obliged for that information. So like my weapon bonuses and such from skills would work, but like the actual BOFF abilities for Cpt. and higher won't work. I am learning more as we speak. Thank you so much.

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mmh few errors,

I found some small errors in your fleet chart though..

excelsior class 467m
excelsior class refit 469-470m
steamrunner 310m(some say 330)
norway too
nebula soms say 452m but that doesn't matter could be 440
saber class 180m
centaur class is a difficult one, some say 180 some say 250 and some 425m(excelsior saucer and warpnacelles)

the big stuff, you are gonna doubt, is the constitution class of abram, the st museum says 700+- metres ...

the k'vort is a mystery, some say 300 some say even 600metres!

Srry, i love the charts, just wanna help!

well i copy and paste it now, i wanted to send it in a pm, but the stuff doesn't work, so i'll type it here.

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