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Issue with the listening post quest / instance.
I was doing the listening post quest / instance last night. When I came out of the complex I had to help kill the shape sifters ship (say that 3x times fast). Any how I died a few times due to more enemies then allies. After the second death the enemy ship was back to full heath and my allies were gone. I reengaged the main enemy ship but soon was out numbered and lost fast. After this I gave up for the night. Is there a way to reset just the last part of the quest? Is there some kind of trick to this quest? Is this suppose to be a group quest? Sorry for the noob questions. Thanks for the help.

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bump for guidance.

Archived Post 02-05-2010 08:12 AM

I didn't have any problems with this solo as Lt. 6 (Science), however I have had a similar experience on a different quest.

I was in an instance auto teamed with two other people, beat that instance and then was still talking to them (trying to be social) when I started another quest (alone). It was so unbelievably hard I thought perhaps I was just either incompetent, under-equipped to the extreme, or had accidentally stumbled upon content much higher level.

I came to the conclusion that the game had spawned the instance based on the belief that my team of 3 [the other members were higher level] was all going to join in the fight instead of it just being me.

In another thread, another member mentioned something about 'waiting 15 minutes' and then going back into an encounter for it to reset its scaled difficulty when team size fluctuates. I have a question into him about where he came up with that number. All I can say is that I hope he is right. In my case I disbanded the team, exited the encounter, and immediately came back in and it was still 'stupidly difficult' [which is when I dug in and decided to ignore the enemy ships guarding the installations i needed to destroy and do dive bombing tactics because I couldn't take out squads of 6 or more ships higher level than me as a support specced science officer solo]

At the moment this is all unconfirmed speculation, but the best I have to give you is: wait 15 minutes and go back in - but this might reset the whole encounter for all I know.

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Thank you for the intel. I will try again when I get home. This time I'll make to mark myself as ungrouped.

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