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Archived Post 02-05-2010 12:17 PM

Terminal Velocity - Mature People with real lives
Terminal Velocity is a 21+ Fleet of about 150 members (as of this post). Most of whom are either married, working full time, or have real life commitments. As such, we tent to avoid RP and focus on having a great time in game and hanging out on vent. I won't make any long recruitment posts about all our wings and memebrs roles. Your role is to enjoy yourself and organize when needed for raids.

We have players from Noobs to Admirals and everything in between. if you are a regular guy (or gal) looking for a fleet of like minded individuals, come on over to our application forums if interested and drop in an app. Remember, STO is a game.

Real life = Awesome Graphics...Crappy Gameplay.

Apply Here>>>> or ask around in game for a Terminal Velocity rep. We are everywhere.

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