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Looking for a serious PvP guild
A little about myself:

Im a dane, 37 years old and live in Copenhagen. For the past 6 years Ive played Star Wars Galaxies, primarily in space, on servers like Starsider, Bria, Kettemoor, Ahazi, Chimaera and Bloodfin..

Im looking for a mature Klingon PvP guild,

The kind that knows how to break up a Fedball in T2.
The kind that does not smacktalk, regardless of who wins or loses.

Currently I am T2, and flies a BOP in either a healer/support configuration (Extend shield, Engineering team, Tractor, E->Shield) or a pure damagedealer (2xHYT - Cannon rapid fire - E->shield), while I do fairly well in most games with decent PUGs Im certain I still have a lot to learn.

I can be contacted ingame at @melineaaele usually on my Klingon toon Neisu (altho I also play my Fedscum toon for nice loots)

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Serious fleet
come find your path

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Try us out for size. We are an ADULT ONLY KLINGON FLEET

Join the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels now!

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Mission Statement: We fight as a collective, we bleed as a collective, and we win as a collective.
# of active members nightly: 6-8
Accepting new members: You can place an application here.
Requirements to be considered for membership: 1) Klingon Faction 2) Willing to do what it takes to win in PvP. 3) Do not drama or be a d-bag in Vent.

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