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rylanadionysis 03-13-2014 05:16 AM

Development moves in the last six months that have negatively impacted PvP
These are of course my opinions but I do know for a fact a lot of them are shared with at least some of you. Some more than others, but as I never really hold back a thought, here we go. My top ten list of development changes since the summer that has made PvP more and more of a joke.

1. The Romulan faction. This is an old dead horse in most aspects but today it still rings true more than anything else in the game. The crit hit chance coupled with nearly unbreakable battle cloaks on every ship coupled with the escape skills via singularity powers coupled with the lunacy of the overpowered universal consoles (valdore being the big nasty of them all) has turned PvP into a pointy vs pointy war in which most of our toons established prior to Legacy of Romulus have been rendered utterly obsolete. This is true also for nearly every federation ship and many of the KDF non battle cloakers. Why play a human or klingon when you can play an overpowered space elf with more damage and defense than anything else?

2. Spire tactical consoles. We knew these were coming, but the addition of up to eight critical hit chance or 40 critical severity pushed the power creep a lightyear above what it was before. In fact, this singular addition rivals the power creep jump of LOR itself. Before LOR the most crit any ship would ever see was about 15%, now it is completely possible to push that to 35 and even a little higher, right along with crit severities hitting 150-200.

3. The shuttle PvP addition. This completely flopped and the main reason it did is because of universal consoles and nimbus/fleet support bringing in Starship level power and damage to a field of ships not able to handle it. Take a single isometric charge or integration circuit up against a couple shuttles and see what happens.

4. The Voth ships. Rarely talked about, these ships come with console bonuses that when combined with boff abilities and specs turn them into nearly unkillable science spammers. I was not wrong when I said the Palisade was going to knock the wells off the mountain, it has and it has a lot. Add this to the fact we already had nearly unkillable ships, and it will lead into the next problem.

5. Additions of more universal console madness (and the ability to stack them ad nauseum, and obtain the uni consoles of both sides for use on ONE ship). This has lead to the prevalence of Vapers, Supper Bosted FAW boats that can do insane amounts of bleedthrough damage, The whole uni console pack via lockbox thing needs to stop now, but its probably already too late. It gets even worse on a romulan toon that can get access to EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE IN THE GAME and stack them together into a ship that can then spike for over 300,000 damage in 3 seconds via BO/TS/ISO/Proton/Ion/Bioneural/god knows what else. The impulse capacitance cell being given to everyone was the stupidest move I have ever seen, as well. Not to mention its possible to bypass console cooldowns by swapping them out of combat, christ sakes cryptic, think about this stuff!

6. Doffs. This isnt really a last six months only thing, but in the last six or so months we have seen the addition of some of the most ridiculously overpowered and imbalancing doffs of them all. Impossible to name them all, but between the Elachi lockbox, Romulan doff pack, Voth lockbox, Tal Shiar Lockbox, and Hirogen lockbox we have seen some pretty insane combinations come out. Additionally we also had a sixth doff slot added with the spire, making the doff problem in space even worse!!

7. EPTX. Increasing the duration was the single stupidest move you have made with any boff power, ever. Having EPTS at 100 percent uptime, EPTE at 100 percent uptime. Do you not see the problem with that? It is completely and totally possible via doffs to have a ship able to move at near full impulse speeds (or more with other abilities) 100 percent of the time.

8. Whatever you did with the changes to pets when you came out with the obelisk. Its already been mentioned on the forums tonight in another section, but the ability to stack buffs on the pets you launch turns them into little nightmares stacking 12 APBs or worse on your opponents. Lets not forget the addition of all these new frigates and other harassment pets lately that have really silly abilities they can spam so often that it seems like youre literally caught in a web of debuffs constantly.

9. Unlinking the cooldowns for Tactical/Engineering/Science teams. Some people on the forum here seem to think this isnt a big deal, but ive seen whats happening in the game. People are starting to carry them all the time, making subnuke/sensor scan/fomm/and a plethora of boff skills virtually unusable most of the time. No longer do we have to pick and choose and make tradeoffs in our skills, no no, defense wasnt high enough before, now we can just slap every single clear onto our ship and just remove anything at the press of a button without needing any help from our teammates. This was a problem with the Keelel doff to be sure, but its been amplified murderously by this change.

10. The upcoming change to Elachi weapon procs. As if we didnt have enough shield bypass out there already? Yes defenses are high but this change is going to have the effect of basically rendering the concept of a shield obsolete. Might as well hulltank it now because the proc is going to be hitting you every couple of seconds once everyone switches to them. No more lockout time, everyone can proc it over and over and over.

So there is my list, oh there is way more but Ill leave that up for discussion. I am so close to just being done with it all. Ive stuck around and been as competitive/flexible/understanding as possible. I am a fighter and stubborn, but the last couple of weeks especially have really put some last straws into play. Something has to give, something has to change, and at this rate like so many others it might just be me stopping STO altogether. PvP was bad before all of this garbage. Now its just awful.

wast33 03-13-2014 05:26 AM

agreed, nothing to add that i'm aware of now. last days f.e. i enjoyed battlefield quite a lot (though i get pwned from time to time in there). if not because of everything else, because of no queues. join the server enjoy the pew, no stupid waitingtimes with always an eye open for a pop might to come.

havam 03-13-2014 06:03 AM

I'll bite, here is a trip down memory lane.

Its not the moves in the last six months, its the mind boggling consistency with which systems continues its development strategy. Change is good for a game. It keeps things interesting. However, system's patter is clear. Ignore the problem, pile moar on top, and then proclaim that the problem is real, but introducing changes now would be "too disruptive". Change being good actually goes both ways. It's time that systems takes a new approach.

1)Pet spam and the targeting UI. (S3)
Ever since the release of carriers pets spam, targeting, invisible cc effects, force multipliers (as ulti likes to harp on the topic) have been an issue. Ignored and progressively made worse by systems.

We now have warp poo, TB3, phaser and chroniton procs, apb, eptx spamming yellowstones with more HP then a B'rel player ship!!! gg Geko!

2) Set gear (s2)
Why oh why is the assim set the one to rule them all. At release we the peeveepeople complained that it would obsolete all other (standard) gear in game, limit choices etc.

partial assim set still reigns supreme ouclassing all other sets in game. Why oh why Geko after the addition of 10 (or more) new sets and items??? Talk about "too good" options much?

3) ELite Fleet Shields and Weapons (mostly kdf weapons) (S6?)
Talk about disruptive. Take a team without neither elite fleet, against a team with, then switch tables and repeat...marvel in the skill difference that occurs between match a and b.

4) Screw_U_PvP easter eggs. aka greed (F2P)
Be it the SNB Doff, when it was first introduced, or Elite disruptors... throughout the season "systems" has introduced items that have no measurable effect on PvE, but are problematic in PvP. Because.....revenue?? a special donuts jar, filled by PvP centred purchases??

5) +1 ships
Ultra rare non faction ships, that CBS would only let into the game in small numbers to avoid images of earth and qonos surrounded by non faction ships.

this one still makes me laugh.

6) Insane response times: (aka geko's stoked moment)
How often have we rebuild F@W from the ground up? Voldi, kit swaaping on ground (now we can do it in space :) How long did it take for phaser or chroniton procs to get fixed? The time that can pass between breaking and fixinging...see links in sig.

deokkent 03-13-2014 08:10 AM

It really didn't take LOR to kill pvp. It had already been dead for quite some time. LOR just put the final nail on the coffin.:P

wolverine595959 03-13-2014 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by deokkent (Post 15656061)
It really didn't take LOR to kill pvp. It had already been dead for quite some time. LOR just put the final nail on the coffin.:P

Now cryptic is putting in screws, adding glue and throwing a few chains around the coffin for just in case. :D

gooddaytodie39 03-13-2014 05:18 PM

It's funny Rylana but I'm kinda stupid sometimes and I don't realize what is happening sometimes until I read it.
My Sci toon is effing useless for anything other than tossing Grav Wells. Take that you stupid FAW Scimi! *subnukes, sensor scans, jams sensors* Scimi: *clears all* bye!

dontdrunkimshoot 03-13-2014 06:23 PM

the only problem with the EPt skills right now is the size of the EPtE bonus speed, and the fact that it persists through holds, snares, and even offline engines. that nonsense needs to stop, and the bonus speed should be cut in half. the difference between EPtE ships and ships that dont run it is far to vast.

pretty much agree on all the rest

nagrom7 03-13-2014 06:43 PM

What about a lack of development?

E.g. No new maps (besides shuttle, but lets not talk about that one)
Various bugs in Ker'rat that have been there for years (those warping cubes give me a headache every time)

lucho80 03-13-2014 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by gooddaytodie39 (Post 15669991)
It's funny Rylana but I'm kinda stupid sometimes and I don't realize what is happening sometimes until I read it.
My Sci toon is effing useless for anything other than tossing Grav Wells. Take that you stupid FAW Scimi! *subnukes, sensor scans, jams sensors* Scimi: *clears all* bye!

Well, there are other useful sci things, but you completely have to cripple your DPS.

majortiraomega 03-13-2014 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot (Post 15670681)
the only problem with the EPt skills right now is the size of the EPtE bonus speed...

Unfortunately, that is not the only problem with EPtX. EPtX provides a single major bonus to one area with a 100% uptime and very little investment. The first problem is the fact that players can chain two EPtX abilities at the same time for 100% uptime on both abilities. Then we toss in warp core engineers providing +100 power, clearing all debuffs, or resetting singularity ability cooldowns. On top of all this, EPtX works hand in hand with Auxiliary to Battery to provide the player with even more power. It is stupid easy to get all subsystems to 125+ at the same time with such builds. As a result, they are capable of passively shrugging off Beam Target X and any power drain combinations. There is nothing a Science captain in a Science Vessel can do to someone using EPtX + Aux2Bat or a 2x EPtX chain due to the sheer amount of subsystem power bonuses and the ability to clear all negative effects. Even before the decoupling of the team abilities; Auxiliary to Battery builds were still quite immune to Subnuke beam due to the cooldown reduction.

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