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Archived Post 02-05-2010 07:05 PM

Screenshot tip, but help also needed
TIP: we all know that pressing the printscreen key generates a .jpg screenshot in the star trek online install directory. it strips out the ui and is fast and easy, but the quality kind of sucks on my end. but if you if you use alt+printscreen instead, you generate a much higher quality .tga screenshot

i discovered this by accident when i tried to use alt+printscreen for its non-gaming purpose (screenshots of just a single window instead of the whole screen -- if you do it then paste in an image editor you get a screenshot WITH the ui).

HELP!: i need to know how to disable the 3d shield indicator that appears on ships when you get into combat! i like taking lots of screenshots, especially during wow moments in battles, but the ugly shield arcs get in the way! i don't even use them anyway -- if i want to know how an enemy's shield is doing i look at their status in the ui, not their model

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