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Archived Post 02-05-2010 08:03 PM

warriors of hades command fleet join now
Hello and welcome. This is going to be informal. Starting this weekend WOH will be starting up its fleet and looking for any and all ative mebers, we are a fan base of people that love to play games, if it be WOW, **** and STO with much more history. right now we just started on STO and wanted to take a look and see how good it is. we have vent wich we share right now with **** players. also if you are interested in join just to hang with fun people we welcome it best thing to do it just be nice and respect one another while on vent and in game. If you are intrested send me a privet chat in game or on this form wich i will check when im not playing lol happing a lot right now. also feel free to have a look at WOH web site online.

thanks commander jamesmagnum

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