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Archived Post 02-05-2010 10:31 PM

Additional Factions
I keep seeing talk in interviews and reviews of additional factions as something the devs plan for the future of STO. Is there a time line on this or even any information on how this is going to be brought into play. Given the state of the Klingon faction, the sadly pointless instanced based PvP and from the sounds of things lack of end game are we talking a year or more away? Will we see them come in as a full fledged faction like the federation or as an after thought like the Klingons. Are the planned for an expansion to get as much money from players as they can like the new Champions expansion?

Even if we see new factions brought in within a reasonable time frame what is going to convince enough people to leave their established Klingon or Federation Character to start over again as the new faction? With the heavy instancing this may not seem so important but it wont be much fun if your the only one in a fleet action or worse you can't compete in PvP or any of the end game raids cause there aren't enough people in your faction around looking to do it when you are.

So I'd love for Cryptic to explain their plans for additional factions and how they are going to implament them after launch but allow them to compete with the factions that are in at launch. The state of the adding the half finished Klingon races in at launch shows they know that trying to added a faction after launch seldom works. So its best to add the Klingons as monster play than to hold them back and release them a few months late.

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