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Archived Post 02-05-2010 10:34 PM

They need to fix a lot of bugs in this game This is my first mmo and I am not impressed
It is missing some main elements of game play like first ad 3rd person views and easy movement
damn i own over 10,000 games and Iv'e played better dos games.
Fix some of the stuff ... like the server for one thing:(

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They are always buggy at first don't worry it always gets better:cool:

Archived Post 02-05-2010 10:37 PM

Agreed. How can anyone play if the servers go down every few hours?

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Originally Posted by Achimrst (Post 1956736)
They are always buggy at first don't worry it always gets better:cool:

In the last few weeks I bought Windows 7 and Star Trek Online.

So far Windows 7 has less bugs and is more stable. Thats kinda funny when you think about it.

As for your first MMO...

All come out with bugs but this game has a LOT of blatant ones and lacks the polish you would expect from a PC game. And that's not saying much...

You might notice the xBox Game is slated to come out this year.

They give us PC people the junk because you can easily patch a PC, But if this was a console game they wouldn't be able to patch your DVD without filling up your xBox360 harddrive.

I've been a PC gamer for years but it seems like time and time again we PC people get a "Internal Alpha" to pay to test before the near perfect console versions come out.

It's just so sad that this happened to be your first MMO bud. And it's sad that the software companies are disrespecting us, the consumer, with unpolished products to the point where the LESS EDUCATED take a complacent apathetic stance and NOT ONLY ACCEPT IT, but try and tell the masses that not only is it NORMAL, but that it is OK and that we should put up with it.

If you bought a car missing a door, would you accept that?

If you bought a condom with a hole in it....

If you bought a loaf of bread with 2 missing slices....

See where I am going here?

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