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Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:19 AM

Annoying Load
Okay it seems every time I go to Sol System the loading screen takes forever, currently it won't even load past it. It's been stuck on this load screen since early hours GMT today.

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:33 AM

i dunno if this would help you, but it helped me.
Try turning on V-Synch. Every time id load before i had it on it would either take forever or come up saying "server not responding" followed by a boot to the main menu. Im pretty sure it has to do with heating.

Again it might not (probably wont) work for you, but it worked for me.

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:42 AM

Try turning on V-Synch.

Umm How if your stuck on a load screen?:confused:
can't access any functions.

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:43 AM

err, exit the game, reboot, at the main menu go to options, its under the video tab.
Should be like General Vertical Synch or something. My bad :P

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:43 AM

To be honest this is annoying me because I'm losing precious gaming time because of this.

EDIT: The Options at the top doesn't allow you to do that.

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:47 AM

yeah stuff like this does get annoying. If this doesnt work id say your best bet is to either wait it out for a patch or reinstall the game, although i doubt it would help doing the latter.

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:50 AM

Have you alt tabbed or changed windows while loading? It'll stay at the loading screen until you come back to the game and press a key.

If that's not the case I have no answer for you :[

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:54 AM

Well I'm still using the client that was used for the Beta, although my game arrived today. Perhaps I should remove the downloaded client and install the release one?

EDIT: I know about that bit. But no it just has the bar stuck there.

Archived Post 02-06-2010 06:59 AM

I have the same issue when entering sol system. CPU is 100% and I don't have a dualcore CPU.

V-sync doesn't resolve anything. Still stuck at loading ...

Archived Post 02-06-2010 07:00 AM

yeah, try a fresh install of the real one. if that doesnt fix it, i really have no clue.

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