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Archived Post 02-06-2010 01:05 PM

Bug rant yay!
WARNING! This rant is not suitable for children!

Do you like hot steaming bugs! Well look no further than Star Trek Online! We have bugs ready and waiting to show it all for you!

But seriously, I am trying my hardest to enjoy this game...and for the most part I have look past a lot. To sum it up, I have been losing items, money, merits, missions broke, anomolies not giving items, klingons not even having content...and most important to me the intrepid pylons not slanting up on warp. I realize this game is new but frankly I am getting tired of this "Release now, patch later" type attitude these devs are going by.

Please Cryptic, get your crap together

P.S. Broken Queue lines are lame.

/rant 0

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