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Archived Post 02-07-2010 03:24 AM

What do you do...
When the server is down???

I'm a scriptwriter for film and tv, so I just get on and work.

Anyone else???

Archived Post 02-07-2010 03:25 AM

First bake the cake then eating it!
Ok so Chat baked the cake while the servers were up this time...

Archived Post 02-07-2010 04:11 AM

I like to ***** and moan about the down time. With my waking and sleeping habits, I am hardly compatible with the server times. I swear Cryptic is based in New York. Or somewhere on the East Coast.

Archived Post 02-07-2010 04:16 AM

I'm a game designer and coder. I also fix pcs for my friends so they aren't forced to deal with the preteen monkeys at the local pc shops.

Archived Post 02-07-2010 04:18 AM

Do the washing up and work on my script.


Archived Post 02-07-2010 05:29 AM

Servers go down, I make a pot of coffee.

Get to my chair and sit.

Read forums and respond.

Server comes online (whenever)

Sleep for 3 hours

Log in and play.

Then drink 12 pots of coffee and play for 12+ hours or til downtime again.

(what...I need my caffine)

Archived Post 02-07-2010 05:41 AM

Read the forums for a bit, laugh myself silly at all the "QQ the server went down again" posts (there are a lot of them) and then go and make myself some lunch, watch some Military channel, then come back to the forums, make a few posts and wait for the servers to come back up.

Sometimes I pop out to the shops. Sometimes I nap. But on the whole there is plenty of enterntainment in Ten Forward so I quite enjoy the downtime as it gives me a chance to catch up with all you lovely lovely people. Except someone seems to have let the Emos in. There has been more QQ than I find acceptable lately.

Archived Post 02-07-2010 07:36 AM

I post on the forums, read Craigslist personals for humor, and paint my toe nails green...well tonight anyway.

Archived Post 02-07-2010 08:14 AM

Work on my writing. I have an entire planetary history or two to write!

Archived Post 02-07-2010 08:15 AM

Step 1) ***** about server being down
Step 2) Get even more worked up over it
Step 3) Threaten to cancel account
Step 4) Decide that account cancellation threat isn't scary enough
Step 5) Threaten class action lawsuit
Step 6) Server comes back up
Step 7) Play happily
Step 8) Server goes down
Step 9) Go to step 1

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