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Archived Post 02-07-2010 05:46 AM

My thoughts on STO
First I would like to say I am enjoying the game, taking it slow atm just wandering around and trying everything out. I have come up with a few things i would like to see implemented.

1.) More customisation on ships. We basically only have a few small changes we can make in each tier. I would prefer to see the ability to use any bits from any ships you own to augment the LOOK of your ship. In short it would allow a larger range of customisation, variance in the look of ships and give a reason to collect ships outside of your chosen sepciality, preference.

2.) More life please. Exploarion is rather dull atm especially on the planet surfaces. It doesn't seem that you do anything. Add a few things extra to interact with. I would suggest a sepeate research system that gives abilities or buff skills based on the amount of reseach you have done.

3.) let us do more on our own ships. The Series and movies featured heavily things happening on board your own ship. I would love to have things to do on-board ship. Missions that require you to investigate an attempted sabotage, etc. And of course analysis of things gathered from the surface and on board reseach would add a great set of minigames.

4.) We need more things to do as a group. In most cases its easier and faster to simply do missions solo and skip deep space encounters as 9/10 of them i have been to I have been there on my own and soon obliterated. There must be a good reason to group up as it is only when you spend time in groups that there is any chance to meet ppl in this game.

5.) Really would like to be able to command from inside the brindge.

Anyway heres hoping that some of these are well recieved.

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Tbh, "to boldly go where no one has gone before" is the ultimate star trek line...
and yet wherever we go there's 50 ppl already XD

there is NO life at all, tho i agree with previous posters saying this too, i think i heard a bird once...

as far as the planets goes, ive been to 20+ different planets (sry not hardcore lvler) and all had the same 3 enviroments, sand storm, sunny and green or mud

would be nice to see some improvements, but my own personal preference would be to get more access to do stuff from/on/in ur ship, visit sick bay, go to the holo decks, etc etc, it cant be right that the only thing i can do on my ship is to go to the bridge, NOT talk to a single officer , but only invite other players to see how lame my bridge looks, and have a simplified attempt to host a cocktail party wtf..

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