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Archived Post 02-07-2010 06:27 AM

Well, they DO respond to tickets.
If you justify a "screw you, contact billing" (when this is clearly a BUG issue) as a response:


I was able to claim the Best Buy tribble pet, but not the red matter device.

3+ days... Do you all even read these?! This is getting really frustrating!

Thank you for your ticket. It appears that your issue would be best addressed by our billing support team. Please contact our Billing Support Department regarding this issue. For common FAQs, and how to contact our Billing Support please go to:( For faster support thank you for submitting tickets with right category.
Next thing I expect is to start getting the standard CCP response of "our logs show nothing".

Archived Post 02-07-2010 06:33 AM

I asked a question re VAT charges and got this reply after over a week...not so great. I have raised another and will hope for the best

Greetings, We regret the delay in responding to your ticket. Most issues received at the same time as your ticket have already been resolved, either through internal work and game patches, or the conclusion of the Star Trek Online Open Beta and Head Start events. Some other issues that you may be able to resolve yourself include: - Not receiving your Retail Game Key - Contact your retailer, Cryptic Studios does not provide retail keys (any purchase made on should be directed to: Email: 24/7 or for Phone support: 1-800-310-2850 ) - Unable to locate your Pre-Order bonus items in the C-Store or during character creation - Make certain that you have entered the Retail Key from the location the Pre-Order bonus is offered (If your Gamestop Starship is still missing, make sure that your Gamestop retail key has been entered to your account) - If you are having a question about a game function or basic technical issue - please check the forums as a first step ( Our community is always willing to help out! - If you submitted a ticket regarding trouble purchasing a Lifetime and/or 12 month subscriptions before February 1, 2010 11:59PM PST expiration, please submit a new ticket and we will review your account(s) to determine your status. If your issue has not yet been resolved, please reply to this email with any additional information that may assist us in responding quickly. Your account name, the name of any retailer involved and your payment method will provide the most assistance for Billing Issues. We appreciate your time and interest in Star Trek Online. Live long and prosper, The Cryptic Studios Support Team

Archived Post 02-07-2010 06:34 AM

i've had exactly the same

i wrote a ticket saying i entered my retail key and am unable to get my preorder items including access to my joined trill , heres my response

Greetings, You will receive special items when you activate your retail key, on or after Feb 2, 2010. This includes the Joined Trill. The pre-order key only grants you access to the head start. If after you enter your retail key you still do not have your pre-order incentive items, please contact Billing Support so that they may look into it further ( Thank you for playing!

this was a ticket submited after the 2nd and after entering my retail key :X

oh and btw steer clear of the phone number it's a total utter con

you wait 10-12 minutes of it saying your call will be answered while paying to be on a premiun rate call line then it says all our lines are busy and cuts you off.

like it didn't know all the lines were busy 10 minutes before

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