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Archived Post 02-07-2010 07:32 AM

Too Few Enemy Types
One of the things that's becoming obvious as I move up the Commander ranks is that the set of enemies to face is no different than what I had as a Lt.

It's the same problem that faced LOTRO when it rolled out -- canon provided few opportunities for running into unique opponents, so starting players were forced to run into one version after another of the three B's -- bears, boars, and bandits.

On the STO side, we certainly have a number of alien races to faces -- chiefly Klingons, Gorns, and Orions (with the occasional Nauscian and some other races that appear mostly in exploration missions). And actually, that's fine. It's understood that this is the opposition, and while it would be nice to see that SOMETHING lives on all those planets out there other than a handful of tress, the big problem I see is that I'm facing the EXACT same units that I faced 20 levels back. Same ships. Same ground units. Same names.

Even if I am going to face Klingons for the whole game, it would be nice to see that there was some effort being put in to differentiate the upper level characters from the lower level characters. How is it that I've changed ships twice, but the Bird of Prey I'm facing puts up a greater fight than it ever did at lvl 2? Heck, at least LOTRO managed to make a few texture changes and hang a new name on the latest version of bear, boar or bandit. So far as I can tell, I'm facing exactly the same people and ships that I did at the start, with the only difference being their level.

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