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Archived Post 02-07-2010 05:26 PM

Cannot Subscribe
Hello folks,
I'm currently unable to subscribe to Star Trek, as my retail license, entered succesfully, has not actually triggered.
I have no copy of the game listed under my account, and no CE or Pre-Order items have unlocked in game.
Yet i cannot re-enter my license, as it took it the first time.
I am currently playing on one of my 10 day trial cards that came with my CE, which i find hilarious... part of my CE, that i was meant to use to get friends to play the game, had to be used to let me play the game.
I placed an appeal on the 2nd of feb, and am still waiting for a response.
Come on Cryptic, please sort this out, i'd really like to play without burning my other two guest passes if possible...

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