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Archived Post 02-07-2010 06:36 PM

PVP Queue timer/button/window **FIX PLZ**
I'm not sure if its been discussed already.. no im not searching..

But the window for the PvP timer needs to be fixed. A person can queue up for 3 pvp fights.. thats fine.. how ever try running a team, have the timer pop up.. hit the enter button but then suddenly the button has been over written by a new instance, and you and your pals get separated across multiple instances.

Just clone the window for additional timers. Easy fix.

Not to mention there seems to be a bug with the snooze button, you hit snooze.. leave the queue.. try to reenter and it tells you you are already a part of that queue. When your not..

More accurately I believe its Hit hide... then snooze.. leave queue .. and try to re enter.

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