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UI too cramped? WTF was Cryptic thinking?
Sometimes I really sit back and wonder, "Did the devs just sit and code and code and code and never stop to look at what they were doing?"

I asked this again when I hit Captain (thank you, thank you) and my Commander, and three LTs were pushing OFF OF THE SCREEN.

I'm sure most of you have seen this by now and, really, it's ANNOYING.

If I want to fit my bridge officers on, and still use their pictures (like I am used to doing by now) I either:

1) Shrink my UI scale down - that makes the text and pictures look sorta funky.
2) Move the dual-bar down and the officer bar on top of it (currently it's reversed).

Why wouldn't my Commander's abilities form a SQUARE 2x2 rather than 4x1?

I tried to edit my UI and remove the box with all the weapons my ship has on it and the three firing modes "Fire all torps, Fire all weapons, etc" - that one? Yea, no can do. You can't remove a box from the UI, you're STUCK.

So I either do 1 or 2, or 3, I can choose option 3 and turn it into a tool bar like WoW. I'd have done this from the beginning if I knew this was going to be a problem. Now I'm used to the BO pictures and such.

I wanted to ask fellow PVPers:

What do most of you use? PVP is hectic and having to relearn a toolbar all over again (and sometimes with BOs having more than one type of thing "High Yield I and III" etc, it can get confusing.

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I got over it within 2 minutes.

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Use option 3? Just coordinate your ability placement. Not too terrible to get used to.

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Sorry, can't hear you, hugging my widescreen monitor.

Can't you just rearrange everything a bit more? Like a game of tetris... :p

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run the game at a resolution that isn't 1024x 960?


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This does bring to mind what I think is the real problem here: too damn many abilities.

This is part of why I like ground combat so much. Abilities are important but what's really important is movement and positioning. So ground combat has fewer abilities but more tactical positioning.

Space is the other way around. Starting in T2 but really upping it in T3 and beyond, positioning doesn't matter so much because you'll be too busy managing your rack of hotkeys to really pay attention anyway. I hate it when I die and realize I forgot to activate some ability that would have helped, but really it was one key out of the 15 I could have pressed. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to run out of hotkeys. Maybe I should just unassign them all and start getting into the habit of clicking things.

Granted I don't want to go the way of EVE, either. EVE is basically you turn your weapons on autoattack and go grab a sandwich. But I think STO is just giving us too many bridge officer positions. I wonder how this game would be if we only ever had 3 bridge officers. Newer ranks still open up higher rank slots for them, but we don't just keep adding more and more bridge officers. We'd have fewer abilities to worry about and could focus more on movement and positioning.

Oh well. It it what it is, I guess.

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its fine?


just get :

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Originally Posted by madgelo (Post 1991344)

I got one of those for DOTA, and I am LOVING IT for this game lol, I control everything I do with my thumb now pretty much. It is a bit costly but totally worth it if youre into RPGs and MMOs in general.

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i guess this mouse dont exist for lefthanded..ya know 30%+ more of the gamers.

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