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Archived Post 02-08-2010 01:43 AM

Help me learn about Bridge Officers Please
Ok, I have several questions about bridge officers?

First of all, am I right in assuming that the skill tree goes something like:

1. Ensigns can use power 1 skills
2. LTs can use power 2 skills

So if I were a tactical captain with a tatical escort and I had a science officer maxed out at LT that he could learn Jam Sensors 1, and Jam sensors 2, but not Jam sensors 3?

Also you get 4 levels of skills

Viral Matrix seems like it would be a commander skill? Is it possible to put Viral Matrix 2 on a LT Science Officer that serves on a Tactical Escort?

When you train, do you pick one skill to train your current BO from the 7 or 8 listed and then the BO that did the train goes away?

Is it possible to train LT skills in Ensign spots or Commander Skills in LT spots as long as you keep the skill level correct such as Viral Matrix 2 for a LT Sci Officer?

If you get 4 spots for skills and say your sci officer maxes out at LT on an escort then can you use all 4 spots on your skill tree as long as they top out at 2 or do you get 2 spots / and also have 2 unused? For instance, could a sci BO that tops out at LT on a tactical escort use Tractor Beam 2, Viral Matrix 2, Tachyon Beam 2, and Jam Sensors 2 as his 4 skills? Or would he pick 2 skills, 1 for ensign and 1 for LT and the other 2 go unused.

Is there really a big difference between common and uncommon, and uncommon and rare other than the skills that come with the BOs? For instance, could you keep a common BO and through trains and effort make it as good as a rare or purple (very rare) BO?

Thank You for Helping

Archived Post 02-08-2010 03:11 AM

Basically, what I know is this:

Ensigns get 1 ground / 1 space. Lieutenants get 2 ground / 2 space. etc...

Each BO (Bridge Officer) can only learn skills that are the same type as them. Science BO's can only learn science skills.

You can train BO's any level skill at anytime. However, they can only use those skills when at the appropriate rank.

BO's get access to all their ground skills when available, no matter what. However, the space skills they can use rely ENTIRELY on what ship you are using. Upstairs at Earthspace dock is the ship vendor room. Check the holograms along the walls to see what ship gets access to what. At that point, it's a matter of knowing what skills will and will not be used. That way you know what space skills are worth teaching. By your example, your Science BO will only have access to his/her Ensign and Lieut skills. The other two go unused.

BO rarity refers to BO starting with more powerful versions of skills or skills that can't be learned by normal means. If you have one I'm pretty sure you can train the skills off to your existing BO's. I just did it today for my Engineer. Turns out I picked Aceton Field which ended up being bugged atm... :/

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