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Archived Post 02-08-2010 06:16 AM

Skill Trees Have moved around????
The skill tree on my science officer has altered...

I now have 2 ensign skills... jam sensors at 9 which i had before this issue and now hazard emmiters lvl 1 has come from nowhere, giving me 2 ensign skills..

Yesterday i was using my lutenant skill polorize hull 2 fine, now it is greyed out on my lutenant science station as the 2 enign skills have filleed 2 available skill slots..

The polorize hull skill on my science station is now showing up as lutenant commander skill??? when i check my sciebnce officers skill trees it shows cleary that my polarise hull 2 skill is lutenant..

anyone elses skill trees been mixed up on there boffs?? ive issued a bug report, just cjecking in here also :)

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