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Archived Post 02-08-2010 04:56 PM

Starting Gate?
I notice that all of the maps are determined by which team gets more kills (or takes fewer losses).

I also notice that the deciding factor for this seems to be which team does a better job of staying close. While some maps have mission objectives to force us to spread out, those objectives just buy us respawn points... so you're mostly ok to just stay in one giant ball (as a team.)

In short then, whichever side has more people join rapidly instead of waiting to click the button, and whichever side is smart enough to hang together, will win.

I'm just asking for a starting gate then. a 60 seconds of chilling in spawn before you launch out and engage the enemy. I think this would cut down on the situations where one team completely stomps another.

I also wouldn't mind it if me healing allies shields was somehow represented in such a manner it gets me points at the end of the map...

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