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My "Essential Enterprise." To enjoy Enterprise, watch the show in this order:
With all things, I'm sure some of you will disagree with this list, but I DARE some of the Enterprise nay-sayers to re-watch the show, and to skip specific episodes. As far as I'm concerned seasons 3-4 of Enterprise are gold and need to be completely watched but I agree that seasons 1-2 leave a lot to be desired and are part of the reason the show died, despite the amazing final 2 seasons. Anyway, this is the challenge - watch the show in THIS order and then post here your feelings. Trust me, it won't take forever because I'll be skipping a lot of episodes *grin*

So here we go:


1) Episode 1-2: Broken Bow (Great introduction to Enterprise and the Temporal Cold War (which admittedly some do not like, but I think had some excellent episodes)

2) Episode 5: Unexpected (A MUCH better alien race to run into for a followup to the pilot, unlike Fight or Flight. And no, I don't care that Fight or Flight featured Hoshi and the use of her linguistic skills).

3) Episode 6: Terra Nova (An Earth episode dealing with a colony that was founded 100 years before the introduction of the Warp 5 engine... really shows how far things have come and how fast we can reach places now).

4) Episode 7: The Andorian Incident (Andorians, one of the best things that came out of Enterprise. 'nuff said.)

5) Episode 9: Civilization (important First Contact episode, made more so by removing Slugo from Fight or Flight)

6) Episode 10: Fortunate Son (Important to see more of early Earth ships and the troubles they face in space).

7) Episode 11: Cold Front (the first Temporal Cold War episode to be featured after the pilot. Important because of what goes on in the story and how it impacts a few other episodes).

8) Episode 12: Silent Enemy (this one is an "almost miss" episode but is included because it is the first time the Enterprise is facing a totally alien threat (again, thanks to cutting out the craptastic Fight or Flight) and we also see Enterprise installing the phase cannons that it will continue to use).

9) Episode 13: Dear Doctor (The introduction to what will eventually become the Prime Directive. I would have helped them, though because I think that non-interference rule is crap lol).

10) Episode 14: Sleeping Dogs (A very Klingon episode, which we don't get a lot of).

11) Episode 15: Shadows over P'Jem (the 2nd Andorian episode, dealing with the fallout from The Andorian Incident).


Episodes 16: Shuttlepod 1 - Shuttlepod 1 is BORING but I'm sure some people will think its a fantastic episode, so watch it if you want. I'm bored stiff each time I try to watch it.


12) Episode 17: Fusion. Vulcan Episode that has a follow episode in Season 2.

13) Episode 20: Oasis (A nice "Ghost story" episode and guest stars Rene Auberjonois aka Odo playing a different role).

14) Episode 23: Fallen Hero (Now HERE is a good Vulcan Episode).

15) Episode 25: Two Days & Two Nights (A lightweight "fun" episode that introduces us to the Pleasure world of Risa. Ignore the Keyla reveal, the Tandorans were in a skipped episode and I don't think show up again after this episode).

16) Episode 26: Shockwave (3rd Temporal Cold War episode of Enterprise and a biggun' - the season finale! Again, some people aren't fans of the Temporal Cold War, but I think having cut out 11 crappy episodes makes the Temporal Cold War "more important" as it is now featured in 4 of the 15 episodes of my "essential Enterprise.")

CONGRATULATIONS! You've watched Season 1! Now on to Season 2.



16) Episode 27: Shockwave, Part 2 (continuation of the Season 1 cliffhanger. This one is a necessary evil because as far as I'm concerned, it's a letdown given the build up in Shockwave, Part 1).

17) Episode 28: Carbon Creek (AWESOME can't-miss episode. 'nuff said).

18) Episode 29: Minefield (an "almost miss" episode, this one is included because it features our first glimpse of the Romulans and has a feel good moment between the Captain and Malcolm).

19) Episode 32: Marauders (Another one of the "rare" Klingon episodes... it's pretty good except for the part where the Klingons are made to look like complete buffoons and T'Pol is kung-fu fighting her way in some wacky Vulcan form of combat. Terrible, but ignorable for the greater good).

20) Episode 34: The Communicator (Fairly awesome episode. Note to self: Don't accidentally leave your communicator on an alien world. And if you do, don't go back for it).

21) Episode 35: Singularity (An "almost miss" episode... not sure what I think about it, honestly. Really cool *pewpew* moment at the end saves it from being tossed lol).

22) Episode 37: Precious Cargo (Guest starring Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef. 'nuff said lol - ok, also featuring a race that is mentioned once or twice in The Next Generation).

23) Episode 40 : Stigma (A Vulcan episode, dealing with T'Pol. A very good episode, unfortunately having a connection with the awful "Fusion" episode. I think you can still enjoy it without having been forced to sit through "Fusion").

24) Episode 41: Cease Fire (3rd Andorian episode, and again we have a winner. The Enterprise mythos continues to develop well).

25) Episode 42: Future Tense (5th Temporal Cold War episode and this one is a big time WINNER. Everything from Doctor Who TARDIS ship to first encouter with the Tholians, this episode has it all. Also, finding out that the dead body on the ship is from the future and has Vulcan AND human DNA in it is very cool. Ok, not so cool to the Vulcan Science Directorate, but cool to us, the viewers!).

26) Episode 45: Judgement (another rare Klingon episode. We get to see their legal system at work, and it's still as crappy as it was in Star Trek VI lol).

27) Episode 46: Horizon (Awesome and rare Mayweather episode as well as an "earth" episode, we get to see life on a Warp 2 hauler. We also get to see a Warp 2 Hauler kick some pirate ass!!!).

28) Episode 49: Regeneration (We are the Borg. AWESOME episode. I think some people didn't like this and screamed that it ruined Star Trek canon, but given what happened in Star Trek VIII: First Contact it make total sense. I also liked the fact that they suggested the Borg were able to send a message that would take 200 years to reach their home in the Delta Quadrant. That makes Q sending the Enterprise in TNG to meet the Borg Cube even more awesome, because in a way... he was warning us not just of "what's out there" but really warning us that we had an impending threat coming our way!).

29) Episode 50: First Fight (MUST WATCH episode.... really poignant. Loved it).

30) Episode 51: Bounty (Actually quite a good episode - it has Klingons, Archer and Trip getting shot in the chest point blank (lol) and the first introduction of the Tellarites!)

31) Episode 52: The Expanse (This is where the BEST Star Trek: Enterprise episodes begin, with The Expanse. I can safely say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode, and by the end of it I am on the edge of my seat and ready for Season 3 to begin).


Now, as is my belief (and others can disagree), every episode of season 3 is AWESOME (well, maybe one or two suck but I just started re-watching those, and will be re-posting this list when I'm done with "the Essential Season 3 & 4), and I haven't really watched Season 4 (yet!) but there you have it!

Ok, you can't watch it in a day, but the "Essential Enterprise" seasons 1-2, clocking in at 31 episodes and shaving off a MASSIVE 21 (that's TWENTY ONE) episodes of crap.

Watch it like this and you will have a MUCH better experience and find that Star Trek: Enterprise is actually one of the BEST Star Trek shows that has been made, and that its cancellation after season 4 was a shame.

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I know it's a lot of words but it's worth reading/watch like this ;)

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I thought ENT was an okay watch, and well worth viewing at least once. It was quite slow to pick up, but I think your list may help me get some of my friends to finally watch it.

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It's a good thing Enterprise is one of those "status quo ante" serials, where everything is "back to normal" at the end of each episode. Lets us watch certain episodes and skip others without losing any major continuity.

I think I'll use this guide to watch Enterprise again. I find myself agreeing with a lot of it.

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Hmm, I agree with most of these, and your explanation of "Regeneration" helps me forgive that episode a little. My favourite season has to be 4, heck its the only one I own on DVD.

Only episode I suggest not to watch, in the history of ever, is the very last episode of the series, it sucked.. it sucked more then Star Trek V. I'd rather watch Star Trek V then sit through "These Are the Voyages..." again.

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You need to read the new Enterprise book series that is coming out that is about the Earth/Romulan war... they have a very smooth transition that INCLUDES the final episode but fixes what they did in it. It also makes sense... not to give too much away but - someone doesn't die :)


Originally Posted by Tuskin
Hmm, I agree with most of these, and your explanation of "Regeneration" helps me forgive that episode a little. My favourite season has to be 4, heck its the only one I own on DVD.

Only episode I suggest not to watch, in the history of ever, is the very last episode of the series, it sucked.. it sucked more then Star Trek V. I'd rather watch Star Trek V then sit through "These Are the Voyages..." again.

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for me...

Its watch mirrior universe eppisodes.. How many were there? 3 or 4? I forget,, its like the last eppisodes of the serries

If some enterprise lover knows.. please list um.. :)

then what you do is go back.. watch all of TNG, all of DS9, all of voyager.. and then all of TOS.... and once you have done all that...

now you can go watch enterprise in this guys order :p

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Enterprise was pretty good if you just pretend that the whole 'Xinti' business doesn't exist.What were they thinking?!

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I didn't mind Enterprise all that much. But then again I'm a fan of Bakula's, and T'Pol was very easy on the eyes. I dunno, I guess I really liked the crew.

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