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How to: make a Vorta character.
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Vorta was actually pretty straight forward. My only complaint was the lack of "up" hair styles for both men and women. The iris colors aren't as bright as I would like them to be.

Vorta are, like the Jem'Hadar, products of The Dominion. According to the Memory Alpha wiki, they were originally an ape humanoid race that saved a changeling from danger. For this, the changeling promised them sentient evolution and a place in The Dominion.

When they die, The Dominion can bring a copy back to replace them. If your Vorta is cut off from The Dominion, this probably isn't possible without a story to back it up.

Vorta were entrusted with keeping the Jem'Hadar in line. There is one Vorta per ship full of Jem'Hadar. They also provide the ketracel-white the Jem'Hadar rely upon.


Category - Humanoid.

Head Type - Humanoid.

Skin Type - Access your color palette. Move your cursor to the bottom left corner (16 rows down). From here to the bottom center, there are 13 color squares. I would use 13. (Re: 13 over from the left, bottom row.)

Overall Pattern - Solid Color.

Base Complexion - Heroic, Standard, Aged.

Forehead Detail - None.

Nose Detail - None.

Tattoo/Scars - Whatever you want.

Eyes - Humanoid. White cornea, violet irises. Row 9, cells 5-12.

Ears - Vented.

Hairstyle - The couple of Vorta we saw in the show had hair styled up. There aren't many like that in-game, so again the closest we can get is the receding hair styles. For women, this is even tougher. It seems like you should try to keep the forehead and ears clear, but anything can happen.

Hair color: Black/brown. But anything can happen.

Shininess - Preference.

Eyebrow - Vorta have them.

Mouth Accessory - Possible, but never saw any.

Eye Attach - Preference.

Head Attach Organic - None.


Vorta are pretty run of the mill. They're by no means overly athletic or beefy. They're a little shorter than your average Jem'Hadar, and taller than a Ferengi. I have a feeling they rely more on their cleverness than raw strength. They do have excellent hearing, but weak eyesight. A few Vorta have telekinetic powers. Others are highly immune to poison.


Natural immunities
Mental Discipline
Acute Senses (Hearing, not eyes.)


Vorta Male
Vorta Female


Vorta Male
Vorta Female

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Another good one. Well done.

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Originally Posted by MinosOne
Another good one. Well done.

I second that... good work again! :)

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Brilliant as always

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And some Vorta name samples:



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This guide was very helpful! Thank you.

We go where the Founders will us...

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I'd recommend the Faux Hawk instead of recending:

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Originally Posted by ArievDhien
I'd recommend the Faux Hawk instead of recending:

Ah, perhaps.

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I'm thinking about making a Vorta character with a Jem'hadar crew... would anyone mind helping me with an in-character reason he would have joined Starfleet? I'm new to the Star Trek Universe and I don't wanna do anything that's too far of a stretch. I could also just have him be a captain with a regular Starfleet crew if need be. Thanks for any help in advance!

Oh, great job on recreating both of these races in-game, they look perfect! :D

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Easy in-universe reason for Vorta/Jem'Hadar Starfleet officers:

After the conclusion of the Dominion War, the "new" Great Link, influenced by Odo, sent representatives of Dominion member races back to the Alpha quadrant not to wage war, but to integrate with the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and so on.

After a time, and with the recommendation of Colonel (perhaps, with Bajor in the Federation, now Starfleet Captain/Admiral?) Kira and other high ranking officers, some of the Vorta and Jem'Hadar were admitted to Starfleet Academy.

Et voila.

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