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Prizes for World Record Attempt Detailed
If you're planning on attending the February 14 Star Trek Online world record attempt in London, the pot just got sweeter.

Link to the news article.

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Originally Posted by deathkittin (Post 1887338)
Valentine's day? um Seriously? Has anyone actually thought this through or did some random employee just think it would be a fun idea to post on the website...

I am not a star trek fan generally but as well as growing up watching the occasional voyager and older reruns on tv I figured it could be fun to show off a bit come up with something badass (and a bit sexy to fight the stereotypes of plain and ugly morbidly obese science fiction fans :p) and meet a large amount of people playing he same game as I've never really done such a thing for an online game.

Sad you perhaps seem to have decided to use the nearest national holiday without even considering your players or perhaps maybe it's a sign that you regard us as dehumanised cash cows that have no life outside... It's really not a nice thing really to say about your players by holding it on that day and having it on the website's front page, and that kind of "we are all hardcore geeks with no life" thing discourages less perserverant (I realise I am not average) social players from joining the game. You should be trying to be more inclusive to get more people into gaming as more and more people are playing games and you would reasonably want those new people to be trying out your one!


Originally Posted by Pantheria (Post 1954224)
Completely agree. I have no other real problem with STO. I have a lifetime sub & I think it's worth every penny even so I paid over 215 total for my sub & pre-order; I am really enjoying playing. The downtimes don't even bother me & I think they are making good progress, but that's just me. Honestly though, this makes me very sad. It just perpetuates the myth of the sad lonely geeky Trekky. We're not all single guys with no social capabilities & no life outside of gaming. Most of us just love Star Trek & MMO's. I certainly do, which is why I am here. Not a good way to try & promote STO as an MMO for everyone, even those not familiar with the Star Trek universe. Come on guys, why then??? Most things have to be booked & cannot be cancelled unless you want to loose your deposit. Plenty of others out there that have had plans for ages set up for that day. So barely 2 weeks notice & on Valentine's Day. Well, honestly, it's not very clever. I love STO but I really think this is a really stupid thing! As you can tell, I am really annoyed about this as I would love to do & under any other circumstances I would have made the time, but Valentine's. Fat chance in hell. My hubby would kill me if I tried to cancel our plans for this LOL. I'd probably get stabbed in the ear while I sleep.

Yeah Chinese New Year is a major celebration that cannot be missed for any reasons if you are Chinese & adhere to the culture. Ooooh I must look this Starfleet Ball up, not too far from me really. Brighton over here :)! But yeah if that's the case, the pool is getting smaller by the second. :(


Originally Posted by Amido (Post 1903418)
When i first read the date i thought it was either a misprint or a joke

The concept is perfectly sound , with a bit more time and on a date that is not so obviously a special day for a lot of people (even if its special as in the other half not wearing certain parts of the male anatomy as earings if they make an effort) a world record is certainly doable

The media will get a hold of this and Star Trek fans to the ordinary folks are generally considered nerds , geeks at times, but, Star Trek fans + costumes + valentines day= sad lonely pepople that have nothing better to do on vanetines day than to dress up in wierd costumes and prance around on a bridge. within the ST comunity we know that its not completly false but on the whole is certainly not true .a scenario that can not be good for the Star Trek name , enough jokes about such fans already exsist , not just limited to Star Trek either, there is no need to add fuel to this for the sake of a premotional stunt.

Maybe im being overly pessemistic but ive seen how certain parts of the media , commediens , satirists etc treat such subjects and they are just going to hand them material on a plate( even if the date was not an issue they stil would have a field day with this sort of thing)

After saying all this , if the event does go ahead i hope it is a complete succes and the world record is broken , smashed and pummeled into submission i just wish the ones organising had thought a bit more about the date (unless that was the intention ie valentine day = love day = i love Star Trek) and given a bit more heads up on the event

To all those that do go , good luck and i hope its good weather for you


Originally Posted by simondrew (Post 1910342)
Same here, I'm married to a Chinese girl (who would castrate me if I missed Valentines) so we've got plenty on that weekend.

Also, if Valentine's weekend isn't bad enough, the Starfleet Ball convention in Bournemouth is held that weekend too so Trekkies in the UK are going to be spread pretty thin as it is.

Good luck though and I guess.......thanks for attempting something like this in the UK, things like this are usually reserved for the Americans!!!

Simon Hodgkinson



Originally Posted by CaptainValentine (Post 1889885)
Id be all up for this except for the most obvious detail. Valentines day! My girlfriend already hates how much time Ive put into STO (and the new PC I bought to run it!). If I told her Valentines day was cut for an STO event she'd have my guts for garters!

Ive got the perfect costume too! Dyed my shagpile rug blue and red. Horta FTW!


Originally Posted by shtwophell (Post 1910067)
i wish this wasnt on valentines day , would of been a laugh :)


Originally Posted by RedNine (Post 1919480)
I can see whats going to happen;

"Hey Lass, I know its valentines day and all, but I'm going to dress up as a borg and go and stand in the p1ss freezing cold on the millennium bridge!"


"Ok, then take me to casualty..."


Originally Posted by rich1701 (Post 1935297)
That won't go down well with my GF on valentines day! lol


Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc (Post 1956493)
1) Valentine's Day? My girlfriend's already upset by how much I play this game. She came home and cheered when she saw me baking cookies instead of playing this game. Did I say cheered? I meant cried in joy.

2) London? Not mainland Europe where it might be easier for people to access? I hope Namco did their homework and found that, per capita, there's a ton more Star Trek fans in the London area than other more easily accessible locations. Public transportation in England is ludicrously expensive. At least it's on a Sunday in a country that overthrew the Catholic church.

3) Which brings me to my next point. Not Montreal or Seattle or LA or somwhere else in North America? Hell, why not Berlin or Paris? Or push it back so the really committed trekkies can save up some cash and show some support by taking a trip to wherever you want to have your shindig.


Originally Posted by ukgaz (Post 1889629)
I would like to do this, but

a) Don't have a uniform
b) Just bought a subscription so a little shorter than usual on cash
c) valentines day! even though me and the missus are big star trek fans its quite an inconvenient day
d) It's London! of all places

Personally I would suggest making an appearance at something like the next Multiplay ( event, 2k+ gamers, could easily get the name out.


Originally Posted by shadowcreaper (Post 1959930)
lol whoever turns up is going to be egged.

i live in area and word on the street is YOU GOING TO BE EGGED.

so far allready 50 people+ i know of have got a facebook site up ready just to form people to egg the geeks.

this going to be a MUST watch event cant wait:)

(lol chavs...)
This kind of thing is very real in the UK btw, it is a very intolerant country overall pretty much everywhere outside of Soho and Camden:

Archived Post 02-09-2010 12:56 PM

I suppose all of those STO players that can't log in because you all haven't fixed the problem yet could go.

After all, it's not like you'll have the problem fixed by Valentine's Day. Or maybe you would if you guys spent your time working on fixing the game instead of working on goofy stuff like this.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 01:08 PM

Yeah, I know it's all in the name of marketing the game, but it is pretty goofy when there are much bigger fish to fry. The thing that attracts the most people is a well made and stable game, not silly events that might even personally endanger the participants if all the hazing rumors are to be believed.

And having it on Valentine's Day is just plain cruel.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 01:46 PM

wait why are they giving away a 360?

unless hmm maybe hints of what's to come.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 02:21 PM

Sounds awesome, i wish i could go. What will the single startrek related prizes be? The ones for everyone?

Archived Post 02-09-2010 02:58 PM

Ok, I got "warned" for my reply by the thread creator (for apparently not quoting properly, linking is bad in case people are lazy) so Atari/Namco PR have read my reply (but done nothing)... This has to the most poorly thought out publicity event ever...

Archived Post 02-09-2010 07:12 PM

World record holders for annoying most people on Day 1 of launch. Poop

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:38 PM

Quote: order to ensure nobody leaves empty-handed.
If even half the potential people that could go to this thing show up, they'll be hard pressed to actually make sure everyone gets something.

Archived Post 02-10-2010 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by deathkittin
This kind of thing is very real in the UK btw, it is a very intolerant country overall pretty much everywhere outside of Soho and Camden

I wonder, is a phaser still considered part of the costume if it houses a functioning taser? Can y'all get tasers across the pond? I see a market here.

Idiot Mob approches Geek Gathering. Geek Gathering defends itself with "phasers" "set to stun". :D It's non-lethal self defense, right?


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