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Archived Post 02-09-2010 12:51 PM

Mission Log enhancements: dedicated location and Quest Rewards
So far, so good. The User Interface is evolving quite nicely from the early Betas, but I feel that there are a couple features missing that we are wont to have even in other MMOs:

Dedicated Location
The Mission "Task Force Hippocrates" comes to mind. The first three steps are in the Xarantine System. After completing the third (it's a ground mission), you beam up, and then.... what do I do?

I've seen plenty of people in sector space complaining about the quest being bugged. I was almost one of them (I decided to do a couple Defend the Sector and Explore the Sector missions instead). I happened to be passing a system when it said "Continue Task Force Hippocrates". What was this? That's not the Xarantine system at all!

I had to look in my log and really drill into the chat details to find that this was indeed the next step.

Better example: "Fleet Action: The Crystalline Entity". Awesome fight, by the way, very well designed, lots of fun. But it's in "XXX sector YYY system". Literally, that's where you are told to go. I had to google a bit to get a few tips to track it down from other users who had run into it, as randomly as I found the conclusion of "Task Force Hippocrates".

This is currently lacking from the mission log: where to go next. I'm not saying that we need exact absolute coordinates with 10-meter accuracy and a pair of quaternions for orientation. But it would have helped me if, in its own section in the mission log below the flavor text, I could have been given the next location if it had been given to me. There are times when I can't finish a quest and have to get offline- when I do come back, I don't want to look far for my next location. In the case of the Fleet Action, a little more direction, even if generalized, would have been a major help (last seen in the North-East quadrant of the Teneebia Sector, personally).

I'll give you the situation I had: I had 300 Badges of Exploration (second order). I was at Spacedock, and I was getting ready to complete "City on the Edge of Never"/"Past Imperfect". But I didn't remember what the rewards were from the quest. The rewards were very nice- a choice of a number of hybrifd, rare quality, mark IV ship components (an Engine, a Deflector Dish, a Shield System, and a Disruptor/Plasma Array). But I didn't know which I wanted to pick up so that I could prioritize my badge purchase selections.

My MMO playstyle is a combination of lore/exploration and one of upgrades. The missions I choose, and the order I do them, are dependent partially on the rewards. Knowing what those rewards are at a glance is incredibly helpful. Not having that information on hand is extremely irritating.

I understand that STO is at T+7. I've played other games at launch, and I design user interfaces myself (among other things) as part of my living. I know perfectly well that this is an evolutionary process and takes time. I also know that, since this is a social game, I am an integral part of the development process. So no pressure. Though, since my better half is going to be on the other side of the world this Valentine's Day, I wouldn't complain at all if I logged in and there were a couple UI presents for me....

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