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Newly Promoted Lt. Com. Seeks Fleet
I was just promoted after a hell of a time trying to get there. I would likle to join a fleet that helps their members out and is active. My last fleet was not very active. My name in STO is Six@Sixam.

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take a look at this

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Originally Posted by Sixam (Post 2017434)
I was just promoted after a hell of a time trying to get there. I would likle to join a fleet that helps their members out and is active. My last fleet was not very active. My name in STO is Six@Sixam.

Hi Sixam, we would be happy to help you level up. I can't garantee that we are on every day. But most are on. As for teamignup, i love it. I have no issue hanging out with people, we often help the lowest man finsih there missions firts to catch them up to the level of the group and go from there.. If your interested in giving us a try hit me up Cirrus@limeydragon or thantas@ricepa in game and we will navigate the galaxay together. And if you like you can join us, if not then no hard feelings.

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TV is extremely active with over 160 members and 30-50 on vent at any given time. If you want stuff to do or help with the game, check us out.

Links in my sig including our last fleet raid which was all levels.

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The Sentinels are a multi-gaming community with an average age of 30+ and no drama!

We have an active membership in several different MMO's and are building our Starfleet Division here in STO. At this point we have about 30 active members in our fleet and are steadily growing. The overall guild has over 500 active members and we also maintain our own guild Ventrilo server. We look for quality over quantity, and have a very thorough application process. Its our goal to make sure you are as happy with us as we will be with you.

Our retention rate is very high as we promote more of a gaming community then a single game guild.

Feel free to check out our recruitment thread at or just follow the links in my signature to learn more about us.

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You would definitley get along with this group, come give us a look

Space......the Final Frontier, These are the voyages of the Star Fleet Defenders. Our mission: To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life and new civilizations... To boldly go where no fleet has gone before!


Star Fleet Defenders is a mature, casual fleet for adult STO players. We will be a fun fleet who is more concerned about playing together and enjoying each others company than getting to the highest level. No matter what we do, we will enjoy doing it together. I believe that each member is unique and has something to add to the overall personality of the fleet.

Whether you will be a casual gamer who only plays twice a week or an avid gamer who never logs off doesn't matter to us. Star Fleet Defenders is looking for members with personality!!

Star Fleet Defenders is just trying to be a regular fleet . Please donít get me wrong, I am not saying anything bad about any other fleets (insert name here). I am an older gamer who just wants to start a mature fleet to run some missions with and to have fun. I could really care less about ranking systems for a fleet (ex. Vice Admiral In Charge Of Research) Older gamers just want to have fun!!

Star Fleet Defenders Web Site

Star Fleet Defenders Recruitment Thread
Join the Star Fleet Defenders

Syrran, Cmdr Star Fleet Defenders
Global Chat Handle @Syrran

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Greetings Sixam,

I believe Exodus Fleet would be a good match for your needs. Although exodus fleet was only recently formed the command staff have extensive experience playing and leading in other games. We are a casual, social fleet and our members are mature. We focus on enjoying as many aspects of the game as we can together rather than focussing on only one or two. We use ventrilo for our chat server and there is usually someone online to play with.

Warm regards,
General of the ExF T'Espera
Exodus Fleet

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Starfleet Command is a decade old Star Trek clan that is well known and well respected in the community. We are a federation fleet and follow a relaxed role playing model with ranks throughout the clan.

Rank has always been earned in Starfleet Command and we continue to work on this principle. Playing games, having fun and helping fellow members is what we are all about.

We have members from all over the world and hold close alliances with other fleets. We are well set up with forums and our own website and usually have members online throughout the day and evening.

We welcome all new members online - come and visit us at:

or search for us in game under Starfleet Command.


Admiral Jammers
CO Personell.

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