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Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:26 PM

Borg in C-Store. How many Lifetime Sub's would be mad????
If cryptic released the borg on the C-Store would u Lifetime Subs be mad. Just wondering couse That might make cryptic able to release it to others. I like the borg and i missed out on the chance to get the borg :(

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:28 PM

They'll probally do it and yes i'll be mad, but nothing I can do about it.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:29 PM

They prob give several months at minimum first....that way it allows Lifers and other Preorder people time to enjoy thier "exclusive" items before it goes public.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:32 PM

maybe they can have an event were u can unlock it

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:36 PM

I am willing to wager that it will happen by the end of the year. And remember before you take the wager that Atari is involved.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:39 PM

Yes id be very ticked, specially since that was the main reason i purchased lifetime. If a borg goes to C-store for a few hundred cryptic points id be very upset. Cryptic has already soured my opinion of them alot by making the preorder items NOT at all what the descriptions eluded too. IE the constellation class ship that was supposed to be upgradable. And of course how they refuse to fix the quest bugs i keep sending them tickets about preventing me from completing my quests.

But yea it would be lame for them to release borg, thats like the most exclusive thing we got right now. If they release that it would be like when Star Wars Galaxies decided to scew everyone over with the NGE and make Jedi and Bounty Hunter available to everyone.

I mean i dont have the mirror universe costumes, i would have loved to get those but hey, i understand i didnt know about it at the time and therefore its a special thing for the people who did.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:41 PM

Yeah it'd bother me. And i'd have a lifetime to be mad at em too! Well if they gave us more borg options because of it...

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:43 PM

Why would you be mad that other players can buy what you basically got for free? They don't get the rest of STO's lifespan free of charge, and you got LB before they did.

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:44 PM

The "get assimilated" event?

Then serve the borg for 20 years and come back "freed" ^^

Archived Post 02-09-2010 08:45 PM

Doesnt bother me a bit, I went lifetime for the savings over a monthly sub. Being a Borg was just a bonus to me.

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