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Archived Post 02-10-2010 05:26 AM

N.I.N.J.A Multigame chillaxed guild
We at N.I.N.J.A (Nothing Incredibly New Just Assassins) are opening our doors in STO for new members who are interested in our little gaming family.

We are a relaxed guild with members of varying game dedication, but rest assured we get things done, already we have a few very close to cap who didnt even play headstart.

N.I.N.J.A began life in codemasters controlled RF Online back in 2006, we dominated the game getting region firsts such as first to hit lvl 55 cap and area controls. we still have a huge force dominating the CCR incarnation.

We have a WoW (eu) guild, again still active constantly raiding.

Our last game
was ****, having reached cap and seen everything ingame, with the lack of pvp and any real pve we decided to call it time and come here.

Our current members have a long and varied mmo existence, from SWG, EQ, SD Gundam and Soma to name a few, we've been around!

All we ask for in new members is to be able to take and join in with the ventrilo banter (yes we have our own servers) and not to take things too seriously. you dont need to be a hardcore player, but no idiots please.

lastly, we are mostly UK based, some euros though and have our own website which although is working, it is in the process of being updated.

if you want any further info either visit the website or contact myself (leek@leeek) cptresin@resin1980 (more contacts will be added once i get home from work)

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