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Archived Post 02-10-2010 08:23 AM

Corrections to Implement
1. Sprinting full time and toggle run with shift key.. or at least a cool down buffer when in combat or having engaged in it say the same time it takes to sprint/run/sprint/run all over the place.

2. Anyone at Cryptic who has the power to delete an a account needs only to login to Sol earth Base and one of it's many instances, get the spammers accounts details and delete. This way there can be no .. I got reported for spam :( when they see the whole.. ( @aljhssd www.WESPAMchatforREALmoneyConstantly.Com )

3. Scanner would be great if it gave a pop up of items and distance ( Mission directive 41km and Anomaly 70km then click one, rescan and it then points the way :) and then you choose which one*.
*because Run/Sprinting/Run/Sprinting halfway across a map to find a hidden object you don't need is well ... a mineral sample :rolleyes:

All things in time I suppose and so far wonderful game and can't wait for more content, so Bring It ! :)

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